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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Dr. Katalin Jäckel
Department of Marketing
Associate professor
Dr. Katalin Jäckel
  • Office:1165 Budapest, Diósy L. u. 22-24.
  • Building:Building É, 2nd Floor, Room 30
  • Phone:+36 1 467-7866
  • Internal extension:866


I started my tertiary education at the commercial goods specialisation of the College of Foreign Trade and continued it in the international marketing study programme. After that, I graduated from the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Economics, majoring in economics. I started my doctoral studies in the PhD programme of Competitiveness, Globalization and Regionality of the University of Debrecen. In 2010, I obtained my PhD degree at the Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration at Szent István University. My professional career was started as an executive at the Economics Department of the Konsumex Foreign Trade Company. After two years, I worked for Philatelia Hungarica as a foreign trade salesperson. From 1992, I worked as the head of the Hungarian Trade Representation of the German- Italian-Cuban joint venture Numiversal Macco GmbH and Global Philatelie GmbH for ten years. I was responsible for managing the marketing activities of the company. I also worked in foreign offices in Germany, Cuba, and Italy for several years. In 2001, I started teaching at the Faculty of Foreign Trade of Budapest Business School. I am currently working as an associate professor in the Department of Marketing at the Budapest Business School. Since 2009 I have been working as a partner of Radar Research International Consulting and Service Ltd. From 2010 to 2013 on behalf of the Ministry of National Economy I was employed as the professional supervisor of the project ‘Transitional Support 2005/17 / 520.03.01. - Development or customization of an e-learning framework and preparation of e-learning educational modules for the ÁBPE Methodology and Training Centre, as well as the acquisition of the necessary tools’ at Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó (National Press) Zrt. Between 2014 and 2016, the National Labour Office NFA KA 3/2013. I performed the quality management tasks of the research planned within the framework of the grant agreement NFA KA 3/2013 of the National Labour Office. Since 2013, I have been the managing director of Szakmai Konferenciaszervező (Professional Conference Organiser) Kft. Since 2013, I have also been volunteering for the Sick Children Foundation.

Office Hours

Hourshétfő/Monday 13:00-13:45
Comment e-mailben történő előzetes egyeztetés alapján / prior consultation by email is required

Subject(s) taught

  • Direct and Database Marketing (Hungarian)
  • Marketing (Hungarian)
  • Introduction to Marketing (Hungarian)
  • International Marketing (Hungarian)
  • Corporate and Marketing Strategy (Hungarian)

Professional career

  • February 2010Perfekt Kiadó Zrt. published my joint book with Orsolya Nagy, entitled Creating a Business Plan, which was declared a textbook by the Ministry of Finance
  • 2010I submitted my doctoral dissertation on the topic of higher education.
  • January 2011My presentation on ’Globalization of Higher Education - Challenges and Opportunities’ after the conference in New Delhi in January 2011 was published in Delhi Business Review 12. No.1. January- June 2011. (ISSN 0972-222X) which won the prize of a Word Education Congress in Mumbai in 2012
  • 2012I was also awarded the Scientific Award of Budapest Business School- Faculty of Foreign Trade (BGF KKK) for my professional article. (Frontline audit in higher education)
  • -As a member of two international organisations, i.e. the International Foundation for Research and Development (IFRD) and Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) I can enrich both my theoretical and practical skills. I am an active member of both organizations as an organizer of conferences and as a member of the editorial board.

Research areas

  • service marketing, international marketing, higher education