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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Dr. habil. Krisztina Szegedi
Department of International Trade and Logistics
Associate professor
Dr. habil. Krisztina Szegedi
  • Office:1165 Budapest, Diósy L. u. 22-24.
  • Building:Building E, 2nd Floor, Room 22
  • Phone:+36 1 467-7800
  • Internal extension:860


I am the Vice-rector for Research of the Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, an associate professor at the Faculty of International Business and Management, and the chair of the Ethics Committee of the BBS. I graduated as a Certified Economist specialized in Business Economics from the University of Miskolc. During my university years, I successfully completed a semester at the European Business School in Germany. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Management and Organizational Sciences at the Doctoral School of “Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice” of the University of Miskolc. I spent my research year at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). I wrote my PhD thesis about the “Ethical Sensitivity of Hungarian Companies”. I habilitated at the Doctoral School of Management and Organizational Sciences of the Kaposvár University. The title of my habilitation thesis is: “Characteristics of codes of ethics and their integration into practice among large Hungarian companies”. I have been teaching at the Budapest Business School since July 2017. I am currently the lecturer of the following subjects: Responsible and Sustainable Company, Responsible Management, Sustainable Business, Business Economics and Entrepreneurship. Previously taught subjects: Business Ethics, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Ethics, Consulting Ethics, Global Corporate Strategy, SME Development and Institutional System. In 2017 I received an Excellent TDK (Scientific Students' Associations) Mentor Award at the University of Miskolc, and in 2014 the Teaching Excellence Award of the University of Miskolc. I am the author of more than 150 international and Hungarian publications. My main research areas are business ethics, corporate ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability and social entrepreneurship. In 2002 I received the Young Researcher Award of the Miskolc Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. I have been a member of the European Business Ethics Network Deutschland E.V. since 1997, and of the BBS’ Sustainability Network since 2017. Since 2017, I have been a member of the editorial board of the European Scientific Journal as well as the Journal of Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL). I am the professional co-ordinator of several international Erasmus + projects (ISSUE, EFFORT). In 2002, I obtained the accredited consulting qualification of the German Centre for Business Ethics “Value Management System”. I am a consultant in the field of business ethics and corporate strategy. From 2007 to 2019, I chaired the Ethics Council of MOL Group as an independent Chairperson.

Office Hours

Hoursszerda/Wednesday 10:00-11:30

Subject(s) taught

  • Master Thesis (Hungarian)
  • Responsible and Sustainable Company (Hungarian and English)
  • Responsible Leadership (Hungarian)
  • Organisational and Human Resource Management (Hungarian)
  • Business Economics (Hungarian)
  • Basics of Business Economics (Hungarian)
  • Management Studies (Hungarian)

Professional career

  • 2018-Vice-Rector for Research of Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences
  • 2016Habilitated doctor (Dr. habil) in Management and Organizational Sciences, Kaposvár University
  • 2006-2007Vice-Dean for Education, Faculty of Economics, University of Miskolc
  • 2004-2006Vice-Dean for International Affairs, Faculty of Economics, University of Miskolc, 2002
  • 1993Certified Economist, M.Sc. specialized in Business Economics, University of Miskolc

Research areas

  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Social Entrepreneurship