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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
Dr. habil. Péter Krasztev
Department of Communication
College associate professor
Dr. habil. Péter Krasztev
  • Office:1165 Budapest, Diósy L. u. 22-24.
  • Building:Building E, 2nd Floor, Room 37
  • Phone:+36 1 467-7890
  • Internal extension:890


Péter Krasztev (b. Budapest, 1965) is a social scientist, literary historian and translator, Associate Professor at Budapest Business School (Communication Department). He received his MA in philology (Slavonic Studies) in 1989 from ELTE University of Budapest, and PhD in comparative cultural studies in 1995 from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He defended his habilitation thesis at department of East European History, ELTE. He has been working for nearly thirty years on different cultural and social issues related to Central and Eastern Europe, published three edited volumes, one monograph on Central-East European Literary Symbolism (1995) as well as a collection of studies on film, anthropology and literature (in Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Russian); he also directed several documentary films about social issues (ethnicity, migration, beliefs, social marginalisation etc.). He has carried out a number of 2-4 months anthropological fieldworks in Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia, and he speaks most of Central-East European languages (with exception of Albanian and Romanian). His academic articles have been translated into 15 European languages and he also published several translations, mostly novels form different Slavonic languages; his most recent co-edited volume in English, The Hungarian Patient. Social Opposition to an Illiberal Democracy was published by CEU Press in 2015.

Office Hours

Hourshétfő/Monday 17:00-18:00
Comment e-mailben történő előzetes egyeztetés alapján / prior consultation by email is required

Subject(s) taught

  • The Ethics of Communication (Hungarian)
  • Introduction to Social Science Research (Hungarian)
  • Global Media Trends (Hungarian)
  • News and Programme Editing (Hungarian)
  • Public and Social Communication (Hungarian)
  • Basics of Intercultural Communication (Hungarian)
  • Media Studies (Hungarian)
  • International (Intercultural) Communication (Hungarian)
  • International (Intercultural) Communication (Hungarian)
  • International Communication (Hungarian)
  • Public Relations & Country Branding (Hungarian)
  • Stylistics and Creative Writing (Hungarian)
  • Sociology (Hungarian and English)
  • Business Communication (Hungarian)

Professional career

  • 1990 - 1999Research Fellow, Hungarian Academy of Scence, Institute for Literary Science
  • 1998-2003Visiting Professor at CEU, Dept. of Gender and Culture
  • 2005-2010Director of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia (a diplomatic position)

Research areas

  • field of research: Central-East European cultures and societies
  • social history
  • migration
  • alternative social structures including alternative medicine
  • social movements, literary translation.