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Faculty of International Management and Business


Faculty of International Management and Business
December 19, 2022
Bee Mentorship Programme - FIMB report

On Monday, December 12th, Bee Mentorship Programme (at FIMB launched by Department of Languages for International Business) celebrated a year of success journey. On Monday, the leaders of the BMP and the head mentors assessed the performance of the mentors for the autumn semester.

Gabriella Dr. Horváth-Csikós presented the thank you gifts to the head mentors. She also revealed the mentors’ opinions survey results. The results show that the project was very enjoyable and important for the mentors. Then, three head mentors gave three speeches in which they congratulated each other and their own teams. We also said goodbye to the mentors who are going to graduate this year and will not be part of the programme next semester. Afterwards, we formed teams and played a quick Kahoot game. The team of Nikolett, Clio and Moses won the game. Finally, before dinner, members of different departments sat together and received their rewards for this semester, whilst also planning for the next semester.

During dinner, mentors enjoyed pizzas and were also thrilled to see the special cake with a cute little bee on top of it. It was a lovely night and a great way to end the semester for us.