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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Advocacy groups
There are various interest groups at the University, which are designed to represent the interests of the employees of the institution in accordance with the law. These organisations operate in accordance with the university regulations and, in some cases, separately concluded agreements, and operate in accordance with their regulations.
Advocacy body of the University's employees:

Trade union(s)

Trade unions are permanent associations dealing with the protection of interests, the aim of which is to effectively represent the interests and demands of employees in negotiations with employers.

The University cooperates with trade unions of civil servants. The detailed rules of co-operation, as well as the settlement of certain issues related to the legal status of civil servants, are contained in the legislation in force, and the collective agreement concluded between the employer and the representative trade union. The operation of the trade union is regulated by the organisational and operational regulations of the FDSZ BBS Institutional Organization.