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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Centre
Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Centre (Budapest LAB // LAB) is the first centre of excellence established by BBS. The goals set by Budapest LAB are to boost initiatives to establish business and to develop entrepreneurial attitudes; to support and foster Hungarian SMSs by creating and equipping them with a necessary knowledge base; and – in the long run – to become a well-known research, development, training and knowledge centre of entrepreneurship development in the Central European region.

The Budapest LAB team is working to develop entrepreneurial willingness and to provide knowledge and inspiration about entrepreneurship both to entrepreneurs and to those planning to start a business, and above all to the University's internal community on as many platforms and in as many forms as possible. It also aims to show the outside world what’s going on at BBS in entrepreneurship development.

Scientific achievements and social impact
  • Scientific publications and research results are be publicly available to all interested parties HERE.
  • Studies related to current research can be read even before their publication HERE, in the BBS Budapest LAB Academic Paper Series.
  • The results of the researches are used by the government as well as the enterprises. An important result was that scientific analysis was integrated into the SME strategy.
  • The articles and research results of the LAB are also regularly published by the media - thus the knowledge from the research reaches even more those who are concerned. Click HERE for more.
  • The Budapest LAB's annual reports not only provide useful content, but also make it easier for other actors in the ecosystem to connect.


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Our top projects

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor partnership

From 2020, the Hungarian partner of the world's largest enterprise research, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), is BBS, and the research center within the university is also Budapest LAB. GEM surveys have been conducted in more than 70 countries every year since 1999, and as a result, we learn a lot about people's entrepreneurial willingness, motivations, attitudes, the behavior of startups and their founders, business opportunities and entrepreneurial careers, or the entrepreneurial motivations of the younger generations.

Family Business Research Program

In 2017, Budapest LAB was the first to launch Hungarian research systematically examining that group of entrepreneurs. The long-term programme includes a number of researchers and smaller research groups, so in addition to the large representative survey, a thorough analysis is also possible - so far in the areas of succession, HR and sustainability, among others. The LAB publishes the results not only in scientific publications but also in read-only articles and regularly presents them at various business conferences, including its own.

COLLAB – Business plan for a week course

The course developed jointly with the lecturers of the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts (MOME), has been announced every semester since the spring of 2018. Students from different universities, from different disciplines (management, marketing, design, graphics, etc.) work together in small groups. Student projects are developed through collaborative work facilitated using design thinking and the business model canvas methodology.

StartLab Entrepreneurs Club

Launched in September 2018, StartLAB aims to help entrepreneurs, business planners and university students interested in entrepreneurship to gain experience, build relationships and build communities. Traditionally organised on the first Tuesday of every month, each time, the guest is a successful entrepreneur who talks about how they got to where they are now. Since the audience can also ask questions, whoever attends can be sure they can find out everything that interests them in that particular story. We look behind the success stories of the magazines so that participants can learn not only interesting but also practical things. Recently, guests of StartLAB have included shoe designer Réka Vágó, the founders of Julius-K9, Zing Burger, Oszkár TeleKocsi and ChocoMe.

Family Business Day Conference

In co-operation with K&K Magazine, Budapest LAB regularly organises full-house conferences for family business leaders, attracting more than a hundred business leaders. Practical and interactive events provide an opportunity to communicate the relevant BBS research results in a comprehensible form to stakeholders, who can use them to running their companies more successfully. The events also aim to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to prepare for the challenges related to business transfers and other family businesses by learning from each other's experiences.

Activities in detail

Budapest LAB conducts and coordinates research through which we can learn more about Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. An important goal is that their results are used not only by the scientific community but also by those concerned - entrepreneurs and business planners, as well as by policymakers and are therefore always published in an easily understood form, so that they can become part of everyday knowledge. You may read more about Scientific Activity in the publications and the working paper series. Research focuses on the following areas:

Family businesses

BBS has a long tradition of researching family businesses, and further reinforcing that that Budapest LAB launched the Family Business Research Programme launched in 2017, which is the first in Hungary to systematically examine the specifics of that group of entrepreneurs. In connection with the long-term research programme, there are several smaller research groups work, so in addition to the representative data surveys, the HR characteristics and succession plans and practical solutions of Hungarian family businesses are examined with “thorough analysis”, and a long-term follow-up programme is being developed and tested. You may read more about the Family Business Research Program and its results here.

Start-ups and freelancers

In 2018, a scientific study of startups was launched, as part of which, among other things, the factors of startups’ survival and growth, as well as the image of the "ideal start-upper" was examined, the mapping of the Hungarian startup ecosystem was undertaken, and a larger research foundation was set up. In addition, an investigation has also been launched into freelancers, who play an increasingly important economic role worldwide.

Applied research

Budapest LAB is happy to get involved in research initiated by others, as well as to conduct and undertake applied research for external partners to provide answers to questions that are important to the Hungarian business sector. In recent years, the LAB has for example mapped the domestic business development ecosystem and collected and analysed domestic and international mentoring schemes for young entrepreneurs and family businesses facing generational change.

The Budapest LAB team constantly develops and experiments with exciting and effective methods for developing university entrepreneurial skills and increasing entrepreneurial willingness - both within and outside the school setting.

COLLAB – Business plan in a week

Budapest LAB and Moholy-Nagy University of Arts (MOME) have been working together for several years to provide inspiration and useful knowledge to young people about entrepreneurship. The first success was the “COLLAB powered by Budapest LAB & MOME +” series of events, which focused specifically on creative businesses and on occasion attracted more than a hundred spectators. The aim of the intensive week, which is announced every semester, is for the participants to gain practical experience by working on a real project with the processes and thinking that can be used to establish a successful business. Students from different disciplines (management, marketing, design, graphics, etc.) develop their projects through collaborative work facilitated by familiarisation with the design thinking and business model canvas methodology.

Family Business Day

Budapest LAB, in cooperation with K&K Magazine, regularly organises a full-house conference for family business leaders, attracting more than a hundred business executives. The practical and interactive event provides an opportunity for the relevant BBS research results to be communicated in a comprehensible way to the stakeholders, who can use them in running their companies more successfully. In addition, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences to prepare for the challenges of business transfer.

Start-up Dispute

Last year, as part of the Startup Safari series of events, a sweeping, moderated discussion, the so-called Startup Dispute was organised by Budapest LAB. In this exciting format little-knowe in Hungary, two teams argue the pros and cons of a particular professional issue. The two teams were led by LAB experts, along with key ecosystem actors, to engage in a fun yet meaningful discussion.

External lectures, workshops

In addition to scientific appearances, the LAB regularly holds lectures and training for or in cooperation with external partners. Among other events, at the World Economy Family Business Conference, the Innovation Summit conference organised by Schneider Electric, the Design Week Budapest series of events, the Budapest Enterprise Agency Smart Budapest conference, or at the invitation of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium.

The main goal of the Budapest LAB is to provide inspiration and useful knowledge to young people - especially, of course, BBS students - in regard to being an entrepreneur. That is all the more important because, according to the results of the GUESSS international research (which is also taking place at BBS), the majority of Hungarian young people would prefer to work as employees after their university years. Yet the entrepreneurial willingness of young people, and especially students, has a fundamental economic and social impact. The businesses they create in the future will create the financial and non-financial value that our national economies and communities desperately need.

StartLab Entrepreneurship Club

The series of events aims to help entrepreneurs, business planners and university students interested in entrepreneurship to gain experience, build relationships and build communities. Traditionally held on the first Tuesday of every month, the guest each time is a successful entrepreneur who talks about how he got to where he is now. During the conversations, we look behind the success stories in the magazines so that participants can learn not only interesting but also practical things.

The Budapest LAB pays special attention to the fact that in addition to high-quality scientific publications, its research results are also presented for entrepreneurs and business planners in an easy-to-use, practical way. That’s why they form these into readable articles for their own online magazine and media. Articles based on LAB research have been featured in many well-known media, from K&K Magazine to Forbes.


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