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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Events and knowledge sharing
At BBS, we consider knowledge sharing both within and outside the university walls to be of prime importance. In addition, it is important for us to provide our internal community with opportunities to build professional relationships, to learn and share good practices, and to create space for inspiring professional discussions and programs. To this end, our university joins a number of external scientific programs, hosts professional conferences, and actively organises scientific events.

BBS Researcher Days

BBS Researchers' Days is our own initiative, launched in 2017. The Research Days are held every spring with thought-provoking talks and inspiring discussions, diverse and defining research to make applied sciences outstanding yet tangible. The aim of the event is to give university research and research teams a wider exposure to each other and to all university citizens.

BBS Researcher Days 2019

Day of Hungarian Science

Every autumn, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organises a series of national events, the Hungarian Science Festival (HSF), which is a distinguished event in Hungarian scientific life. It is a tradition at our university to join the program series with an international conference, focusing on a different topic in the field of applied sciences each year. At the HSF, the BBS Science Awards are presented to those BBS lecturers and researchers who have made outstanding scientific achievements in the year preceding the current year.

Day of Hungarian Science 2020

Researchers' Night

The Commission of the European Union launched the Researchers' Night initiative more than ten years ago to introduce young people across Europe to the world of research, with all the joys and challenges it can bring, and to show that being a researcher is an exciting career. Each year, our University joins this series of events to showcase BBS's diverse and influential research through spectacular workshops, thought-provoking presentations, and inspiring talks.

Researchers' Night 2020

Conference for Students of the Colleges for Advanced Studies (KUSZA)

The aim of this event, which was our own initiative, is to bring together students from BBS's Colleges for Advanced Studies, to get to know each other and to give students and colleagues who have been awarded scholarships in the New National Excellence Programme the opportunity to present their academic work to each other and the university community. Traditionally, the Outstanding Mentor Award is presented at KUSZA to our most outstanding teaching and research colleagues in talent management.

Conference for Students’ Research Societies (SRS)

All the faculties of your university have successful Students’ Research Societies, which aim to mentor, nurture talent, share scientific experiences and explore exciting areas. Students research an exciting topic of their choice with the help of their Students' Research Society supervisor, summarize their findings in a paper and present their results at the BBS Students' Research Society Conference, which is organised by a different faculty each year. Based on the results achieved at the university-level conference qualify our students to represent our University at the National Students' Research Societies Conference. The NSRSC is the pinnacle of student academic success: it is no coincidence that in 2020 the NSRSC initiative took 2nd place at the Highlights of Hungary and took away the special prize of Brain Bar. NSRSC fits worthily with the positive social message of Highlights of Hungary: let's celebrate each other's successes and be proud of our creative values! We are also very proud of the BBS students and our instructors who mentor them - you can read more about them HERE.