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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Research Coordination Office
The strategic goal of BBS for scientific activity is “applied research for economic and social impact”. To achieve this goal, we have in recent years established a Research Fund and associated grant scheme to provide funding for our colleagues' own-initiative research. In addition, Research Coordination Office (formerly known as Research Coordination Centre) was established to support the BBS community in carrying out high quality research by organising research methodology trainings and consultation opportunities.

BBS Research Coordination Office

At the BBS Research Coordination Office (BBS RCO), we offer support for high quality and applied research and to achieve social and economic impact by sharing the results widely. Our aim is to encourage as many BBS citizens as possible to engage in high-quality research and to provide the intellectual and methodological ammunition and support to do so. To this end, we organise and deliver workshops and training sessions, provide personalised advice and research methodology consultations, and work on the organisation and dissemination of research information.

What we offer:

  • consultation and advice
  • research methodology workshop
  • events and workshops
  • data collection and service
  • knowledge map

How do we support scientific activity?

Individual research methodology consultation

We provide individual research methodology consultations for academics conducting research. This involves reviewing the research plan and tools, and then reflecting together on the issues and dilemmas that arise in relation to the research..

Support for PhD students

We organise group sessions for PhD instructors and teachers, mainly on methodology and to a lesser extent on mental health. These provide participants with new knowledge related to their PhD research, but we also consider it important to build relationships and community among colleagues in similar situations. Colleagues also support each other by identifying common difficulties, sharing experiences and ideas during the sessions and beyond. 

Research team mentoring

Launched in collaboration with the BBS Future of Higher Education Research Centre (FHERC), our pilot program aims to provide personalised assistance and support to newly formed research teams throughout the entire research process, from topic definition to publication and exploitation of results. We believe that outside help makes it easier to avoid typical mistakes and keep the team together even in times of overload or conflict. The mentoring process itself is also the subject of research to explore opportunities for its wider application.

Advice on preparing proposals for the Research Fund 

In order to ensure a successful application, we review the materials (application form, research plan, etc.) of researchers and research teams applying for a Research Fund grant before submission, considering the evaluation criteria and suggesting modifications if necessary to give the application the best possible chance of being considered for funding.

We offer the following thematic research methodology workshops, primarily for departments and research teams, which can be tailored to needs and requirements and held at an agreed time and place. The workshops are led by practising researchers with expertise in the respective field.

How to survive a conference presentation?

The workshop addresses the elements necessary for a good conference presentation. We cover, for example, typical mistakes and ways to avoid them, and the characteristics of a good presentation.

How to collect literature and how to draw up a systematic literature review?

Through specific library/computer room EBSCO search exercises, we introduce participants to practical steps such as focusing the search, narrowing down the results, saving the results list, and the process and elements of preparing a literature review.

Guide to the research process maze: decision points, solution criteria, examples

With the participants, we review the main stages of the research process, identifying the most important decision points, presenting the most important alternatives. We explore where, what difficulties and forking points the researcher may encounter, and what aspects they may consider when choosing their path.

Tips and suggestions for writing international publications 

We aim to make participants more aware of international publishing. We work on the selection of appropriate journals and the targeted development of the content and form of the papers.

Nvivo10 workshop for beginners and advanced students

Our workshop introduces participants to the use of NVivo10, one of the most widely used text analysis and processing software programs, from the first steps through the coding of texts to the analysis of data.

SPSS course for beginners and advanced students

Workshops of different focus and depth can be linked to the SPSS software. It is possible for participants to learn the basics of data management, processing, and analysis through a specific research project, including details of the necessary SPSS procedures and relevant data analysis methods. But it is also possible to hold advanced courses that focus on the special analytical procedures of the program, even exploring the mathematical background.

In-depth research using qualitative (metaphor/interview/drawing) methods

We introduce and test qualitative data collection and analysis procedures. The specificities and pitfalls of using metaphor, interview, concept mapping, image drawing and analysis are presented. The potential of combining data from different sources and using different methods are also discussed. 

The BBS Workshop series, organised by the RCC, is a series of workshops organised once or twice every six months to support the scientific strategic goals of our University. The BBS Workshop is an opportunity to disseminate research results from the University to the wider professional community, both within the University and beyond. We believe it is important that the events activate and engage the audience, to inspire the researchers themselves to continue their work and explore new directions.

Check out our science calendar for the next BBS Workshop!

At the RCC, our task is to collect data related to the research activities of the University, organise them according to various aspects, prepare reports on the research activities of BBS, and fulfil its information obligations. We systematically seek information useful for researchers - on conferences, publication opportunities, webinars - to share with relevant groups (Researcher Society, PhD students).

The Knowledge Map is an up-to-date online research database created to introduce BBS’s colourful, scientific and research activities and achievements both inside and outside the University. The Knowledge Map allows you to build relationships by searching by topic and name.


Research fellow
  • Office: 1055 Budapest, Markó utca 29-31.
  • Office: Ground Floor, Room 3
  • Phone: +36 1 374-6200
  • Internal extension: 475
  • E-mail:


Research Coordination Office

  • Office: 1055 Budapest, Markó utca 29-31.
  • Office: 1st floor, room 125
  • Phone: +36 1 374 6200
  • Internal extension: 475
  • E-mail: