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Bodies and committees
A number of bodies and committees are involved in the processes required to run the University. They assist in the preparation and implementation of decisions with their advisory, advisory and monitoring powers. Bodies and committees operate at both the university and faculty level in our institution.

Bodies of the University

The organisations belonging to this group are among the highest decision-making institutions of our University. Among other things, their work determines the guidelines to be followed in organisational, educational, research and economic topics.

The decision-making, commenting, proposing and controlling body of the University.

A body that assists, reviews, proposes, prepares and makes decisions in the work of the Senate and the Rector.


The Senate and the Rector may establish committees to assist their work (among other things, in developing proposals, preparing decisions, and monitoring their implementation).

Committees at the University established according to the law

It develops and continuously updates the strategic plan for the development of the University. He is responsible for the professional implementation of educational and scientific programs in accordance with the mission of the University of Applied Sciences.

Its task is to examine the coordination of interoperability and the equivalence of knowledge materials.

Its task is to manage the study and examination matters of the students in each faculty.

Additional committees established at the University by either the Senate or the Rector

It is a body that makes decisions related to the reception, protection, exercise and exploitation of rights in works subject to the covered by the Intellectual Property Management Regulations, the composition and operation of which are provided for in the Intellectual Property Management Regulations.

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Responsible for the strategic implementation of sustainability.