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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
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The development of publishing activities in connection with high-quality research, applied research and quality education and talent management is a key goal of the Budapest Business School (BBS). The BBS Central Library and Library Network, as well as the online database, the Publications Library, have a special role in supporting the publishing activity.

About the BBS Library Network

The BBS Library Network was established in 2000, and its current members are the university’s three faculty libraries and the Tourism Library. The mission of the member libraries is to serve BBS's extensive teaching, research, study, and scientific and economic professionals. All activities of member libraries are closely linked to education and research, and our faculty and researchers rely heavily on all the support and services that the library network provides them. Libraries support scientific activities in several ways:

  • support the teaching, research and study work at the University, as well as the provision of information in the literature in the field of the disciplines, taught at the University by developing a modern, unified, multifunctional library and information provision system;
  • ensure the availability of university-level electronic information content (including databases, e-books, e-journals);
  • perform science metric analyses for the University, the Research Coordination Centre and BBS faculty-researchers;
  • support publishing, publication identification (DOI, ISBN), and plagiarism prevention;
  • support the use of the Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography (HNSB), assist the work of lecturers-researchers with HNSB through personal professional consultation.

The Central Library of the University and its library network with its collections, services, information system, and professionally well-trained staff are the essential organizational units of the University. Some Member Libraries also have their own websites.

BBS Libraries

Library of the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism 

please click HERE.

Library of the Faculty of International Management and Business

please click HERE.

Library of the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy 

please click HERE

BBS Publications Library

The Publications Library is a full-text database of works (including studies, articles) resulting from scientific activities at our University and its predecessor institutions. By creating the Publications Library, our goal is to represent the scientific activities of BBS and to ensure the long-term preservation of scientific publications.

BBS joined Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography (HNSB) in 2011. This national electronic database is a tool and source for the authentic certification of scientific and artistic activities of teachers and researchers. The authenticity of the bibliographic data recorded in the HNSB becomes complete when the publications described with the data recorded there become available in the BBS Publications Library. The lecturers and researchers of the University upload their published works and already recorded in the HNSB to the Publications Library, with the help of the staff of the member libraries.

The Publications Library also contains BBS's scientific publication, all publications published in the journal PROSPERITAS. Those interested can search the database according to several aspects (e.g. author's name, faculty, field of study).

The Publications Library is available HERE.

VPN connection to databases

The following link helps you to remote access databases subsribed by central library.

BBS Central Library

Library Manager