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BBS Career Choice blog

At what age did you decide to become a firefighter or a soldier? Were you absolutely certain that this was the career for you and did you know what you were getting into in practice? Did somebody ever help you make life-changing decisions? Or did you just search ‘our old friend Google’? Or maybe you’ve not yet reached a decision?

Whatever the answer, BBS Career Choice blog can help you in coming to a decision with its stories, advice and tips!

Yes, there are things you can do even as you embark on a path from the beginning of high school studies where you find not only a job that suits your strengths and inner motivation, but also a true vocation that can be pursued with all your heart and soul. Planned career orientation started at the right time, self-awareness, lots and lots of impulses, experience and knowledge will all help in pinpointing your goals.

We at BBS Career Choice blog (only available in Hungarian) here to offer you help with useful articles, success stories and advice. You can read about BBS programmes, courses, university life, as well as practical and foreign experiences, successes and adventures of Bachelor and Master student of BBS. You’ll find guidance and handy tips when it comes to successfully choosing a career, knowing who you are and being in control of your own life. 

The Career Choice blog is one element of the career orientation programme implemented within the framework of tender BGE EFOP-3.4.4-16-2017-00013 designed to enhance access to higher education. As part of the four-year project launched in October 2017 that now has 29 partner schools, the following programmes have been implemented, among others: interactive stage performances, Cinema Science Café, workshops, Summer University for Secondary School Students, KEVIN - Secondary School Students University Innovative Competition, etc.