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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Colourful student life

"Those wonderful university years!" How many times have you heard of endless parties, loves, disappointments, and even lifelong friendships? The university years are truly a medium and period when there are many opportunities ahead, you can try new things, meet a lot of people, get to know yourself, your abilities and your boundaries while you learn, develop and become familiar with capital life.

You can't succeed without building relationships! If you choose BBS, you will have countless opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends thanks to the plethora of exciting programs! Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future business partner at one of the parties!

With us, the university years are not just about lecture room, seminar or vocational schoolwork and study responsibilities. Attending community programs, sporting events, balls, faculty parties is as much a part of a BBS student’s life as learning.

Below are just a few examples of our biggest programs:

  • A fresher’s camp is the best time to meet prospective classmates and dive into college life. Every freshman has a place there in the faculty freshman camps!
  • The fresher’s ball is an old tradition in all of our faculties. Opening dances, elegant prom dresses and a huge party are guaranteed.
  • The recently renewed BBS Day carries on the tradition of the deservedly famous Generations Meeting in a new robe. Cooking competitions, escape rooms, concerts and many other exciting programs await staff and students alike.
  • BBS's cultural mini-festival, which brings together students and staff, brings Manifest closer to the world of Hungarian culture in an exciting environment, honouring the past and paving the way for creative solutions and new ideas. Theatre performances, interesting podium talks, workshops, concerts and an exhibition of students ’work await the audience.
  • Professional conferences, workshops and mid-year cultural programs are also an integral part of the lives of all our faculties.
  •  At BBS, we pay special attention to the fact that the number of sports opportunities is expanding year by year - these can be used by our students not only within the framework of physical education classes but also within the framework of special training. Several successful cutting-edge athletes also study with us. We organise many house- matches and start our own team in many county and national sports competitions, so not only a wide range of sports and movement opportunities, but also the experience of cheering is ensured.


There is a University Student Union (USU) in each of our university faculties, which, in addition to protecting the interests of students, also plays a lion's share in the colouring of students' everyday lives: USU students organise many parties and cultural programs in addition to many professional events.


We will show you what awaits you if you continue to study at BBS:

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