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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Dual education

We were among the first in Hungarian higher educational business institutions to introduce Dual Education in 2014, which essentially means that in addition to your studies, you will simultaneously gain professional work experience at companies who are industry leaders.

Currently, BBS offers Dual Education in 3 Faculties and includes 5 undergraduate programmes in Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, International Management, Finance and Accounting, and Tourism and Hospitality - in co-operation with more than 40 corporate partners.

We develop the curriculum together with International and Hungarian companies. Not only do we offer a theoretical overview of a topic, but we also show you what exactly is happening in the market, through concrete, practical examples, involving experts from our partner companies. Upon successful enrollment, you will receive a salary from the company for the entire duration of the programme. At the end of the training period, there is an excellent chance that you will be considered a frontrunner for a position at the organsation and perhaps even receive a permanent job offer.

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