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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences

ECHE: 51693-LA-1-2014-1-HU-E4AKA1-ECHE

Erasmus+ program is the largest exchange student program in the EU. Erasmus students can apply for study and traineeship to 32 countries of Europe and spend a maximum of 12 months abroad per each cycle of study: they spend 3-12 months abroad as a student at a host university or spend 2-12 months as a professional trainee at a private or public organization active in the labour market.

Additional grants are available for students with disabilities.

Our University joined to the ERASMUS mobility programme in 1999. Bilateral agreements have been signed with almost two hundred partner universities since then. Year by year over one hundred Hungarian students study at universities in Europe while over two hundred foreign students attend our school.

Through various exchange and scholarship programs a growing number of our students have the opportunity to study at foreign universities for longer or shorter terms.

We are convinced that studying abroad provides the best opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and broaden the horizon of one's thinking.

The student mentor system operates successfully both at university- and faculty-level: helpful Hungarian students welcome and assist in the studies and daily university lives of the guest students. At beginning of each term, the exchange students can add their names to the Facebook group, and they will get the fresh news and programs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

We promise you will enjoy your time at our university!

Benefits for Erasmus students

  • Students get the same right as of the host university’s students.
  • Students will not be charged tuition fees.
  • Courses successfully completed at the host university are recognized at the home university of the Erasmus students on their return.


Students must carry out their mobility activity in a Programme Country different from the country of the sending organisation and the country where the student has his/her accommodation during his/her studies.

Students registered in a higher education institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree.

In case of mobility in studies, students must be enrolled at least in the second year of higher education studies. For traineeships, this condition does not apply.

Students in their last year of studies may participate in a traineeship. They must be selected by their institution during the last year of their studies and must carry out and complete their traineeship abroad within one year after their graduation.

If you wish to apply to Budapest Business School as an ERASMUS student, you should first contact the ERASMUS coordinator at your home university to nominate you. After we receive your nomination, we will contact you directly.

Our application deadlines are the following:

  • Autumn semester, or full academic year: 15th May , 2020
  • Spring semester: 15th November, 2020

Once the nomination is done, our Erasmus coordinator will contact you, and inform you about the further steps of the application. You will need to go through a two-step application process in order to start your exchange studies at the Budapest Business School:

  • Fill in and submit the online registration form (you are advised to download the completed form after submitting it).
  • Download the Learning Agreement and fill it in. Make sure that the courses selected during the online registration are identical to those you put in your Learning Agreement. If you change your mind about the courses, you can change them in the registration week at Budapest Business School. Once filled in, the Learning Agreement needs to be signed & stamped, and then you have to send a scanned version to the Erasmus Officer to complete your registration process.


  • Autumn semester: 31st May
  • Spring semester: 30th November

Applications will be examined and proceeded by the faculty coordinators. As soon as the faculty coordinators approve your selected courses, we will send the signed documents back to your university. From that moment, you have to keep permanent contact with the Erasmus coordinator or the Erasmus Officer in all matters. The International Office will issue a letter of acceptance on demand.

For contact information and course lists, please go to the Faculty’s Erasmus webpage!

Also read practical information for international students.

If you are a student with special needs (in such an individual physical, mental or health-related situation that your participation in the mobility would not be possible without extra financial support), you can apply for additional grant support to the National Agency in your country in order to cover the supplementary costs for your participation in the mobility activities.

As regards the accompanying persons for students with special needs, they are entitled to receive a contribution based on real cost.

Please ask your Erasmus coordinator at your home university how you can request such additional support at the National Agency in your country.

If you are a full-time international student – but you are not Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holder – already enrolled for a full-degree program at BBS and would like to study as an Erasmus student at one of our Erasmus partner universities, read about the application procedures and contact your Faculty Erasmus Coordinator for additional details. More information about the Erasmus student mobility is also available in Hungarian.

Calls are published on the university website around February each academic year. 

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA107)

If you are an institution interested in cooperating with BBS within Erasmus+ credit mobility, please contact us:

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