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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Equal opportunities
One of the keys to the current and future success of our university is a strong organisational culture, which is characterised by a cohesive community, relationships based on trust and cooperation, which is based on ethical behaviour. BBS’ strategic goals include becoming a responsible and sustainable university, and in this, our shared values help us and guide us.

What are our core values?

  • Modernity & traditions – BBS is a modern, innovative university open to new knowledge and methods, is proud of all its Faculties, and has a deep appreciation for its current and former students, faculty, researchers, and staff.
  • Quality & responsibility – We strive for excellence in learning, education, research, in our work and our private lives, while being honest and taking responsibility for our actions. We do not harm others or the environment and we help our local communities.
  • Partnership & respect – We also work with each other and our external partners, giving everyone respect, helping each other and sticking together. Community and collegiality are important to us, we stand up for each other.

What characterises our community?

  • We create a diverse and open community – Different professional fields and cultures enrich our community. We respect these so as not to disturb or offend each other. We especially help the integration of our new and international students and lecturers. Our graduate students remain members of our community with whom we nurture our professional and personal relationships.
  • We ensure equal opportunity – No one should be disadvantaged because of their gender, age, origin, language, religion, political views or sexual orientation. We strive for infrastructural and info-communications accessibility and to help those in need in these areas.
  • We create a supportive atmosphere based on trust – We are polite, understanding, and helpful to each other and our external stakeholders. We strive for clear and timely communications. We are open and flexible in our problem-solving. We do not tolerate threatening, harassing or degrading behaviour. We help you achieve a work-life balance.
  • Performance appraisal is objective, fair and constructive – This applies to all assessments, whether carried out by a student, instructor, manager or employee. The evaluation is transparent to the person concerned, but not publicly available to others.

Diverse organisation

As the largest business university in Hungary, with nearly 18,000 students and 1,000 employees, BBS believes that diversity, understanding and embracing different cultures and ideas will further enrich its values and help its development. Our university is characterised by a colourful and exciting student life, with students from nearly 80 countries coming from all over the world.

50% of our university leaders are women, and if we take into consideration the entire employee community, that figure increases to about 63%.

In terms of age, 7% of workers are under the age of 30, 39% are over the age of 50, and 53% are in the 30-50 age group.

Family-friendly initiative

At BBS, we believe that our internal community is our greatest asset. Their well-being and development are a priority for the university, so we set out to create an organisational culture that seeks to reconcile work and private life. Part of this is the family-friendly approach and the development of a family-friendly university, which we have been consciously moving toward in recent years through a variety of ways. Family friendship is, in fact, a specific formulation of job satisfaction, but it not only refers to the needs of colleagues raising children, but also caring for the elderly or otherwise tailored to the needs of colleagues in special life situations, keeping in touch with those who are absent long-term, and by flexible forms of employment, we also mean trust in our employees.

You can read the details in the Family-friendly menu item.

Council for Students with Special Needs

The University has appointed 1-1 instructor and disability coordinator from each Faculty to assist students with disabilities. As a student with a disability, you can contact the Council for Students with Special Needs (SHSB), made up of co-ordinators and student representatives from each Faculty, to inquire about educational benefits, exemptions and grants. For any other problems, you can contact the Faculty Disability Co-ordinator.


Part of our long-term development program is barrier-free access to all the buildings of the University and unrestricted access to all the services provided. To this end, we carried out a comprehensive review of our infrastructure. We asked for suggestions for assessing and improving the accessibility levels of buildings, and here the availability of functions and information directly related to education is of primary importance.

Accessibility survey

The primary aim of the survey was to help develop a unified concept and guideline. As a first step of the work, the existing buildings were inspected, taking into account the specifics of the given building (e.g. heritage protection). Based on the information gathered, an expert opinion on accessibility was completed, which proposed solutions for each building, taking into account the needs of all target groups. It was an important aspect to obtain solutions that can be interpreted and solved on a building-by-building basis, taking into account funding and financing aspects. Based on these proposals, we are continuously implementing the proposed solutions to a differing extent, some slower, some at a faster pace, depending on the building.


Implemented elements:Ongoing elements:
  • Physical accessibility of the Tourism library in Klauzál Square (construction of a new entrance, ramp, water block, which allows for independent use)
  • Ensuring barrier-free access to FIMB, FCHT, FFA dormitories, barrier-free accommodation and services
  • Chancellery building “E”: barrier-free access to this building and ease of access within the building
  • Barrier-free access and inter-operability of the FCHT Alkotmány Street building and the design of protected spaces on the upper levels
  • Completion of the barrier-free access of the educational building complex of the FFA on Buzogány Street, which would also ensure the barrier-free access of the academic buildings to the dormitory and the planned new library wing and the full use of the services

We are also striving for the modernisation of information systems (board systems, administrative solutions) from an accessibility perspective and for the broader application of digital solutions.