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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
ISSUE (Innovative Solutions for Sustainability in Education) ERASMUS + project is one of the flagships of BBS' sustainability efforts. In this project, which began in the autumn of 2018, we work as a co-ordinator with 5 European universities and 3 professional organizations to develop various educational tools for university communities based on the principles and goals of sustainable development. ISSUE is truly OUR BUSINESS - it includes everything that is really important to BBS: responsibility, sustainability and professionalism.

The International ISSUE Project is working to develop various educational tools based on the principles and goals of sustainable development and to adapt them to institutions of higher education. The theme of sustainability must be present in the life of every organization through knowledge, commitment, collaboration and innovation. Our goal is for higher educational institutions to enable their employees and students not only to understand the concept of sustainability but also to be able to act responsibly and to promote sustainability practices. To achieve this goal, the ISSUE project uses a modern pedagogical approach to develop innovative tools based on various aspects of sustainable development that are tailored to the internal community of universities.

Of course, the ISSUE project has its own website in English, but we want the knowledge accumulated in the project to reach as many people as possible, so on the following page we also report the latest news and events in Hungarian and we publish materials that we hope may be useful to many, in many ways.

Project elementsReach

Development of an integrated report guide for the higher educational sector

Download HERE

The Methodological Handbook, which is a collection of best practices and case studies focusing on sustainable development

Download HERE

Development of sustainability tools and solutions for institutions of higher education 

  • 21-Day Challenge - Attitudinal Educational Program
  • The Future Sustainability Leadership Training Program
  • Green Office Strategy- Toolkit and Guidelines
  • Escape room focusing on sustainable development goals/themes


In order to disseminate the results of the project to various participants, several regional events will be held in the partner countries in the coming years. Events here in Hungary can be found in our Calendar of Events, and for useful, interesting, downloadable materials click HERE


Responsible thinking is one of BBS’ traditional values and is still the focus of its strategy. In the first half of 2017, the university created and adopted its sustainability strategy (LINK to the goals sub-page), based on which, as a responsible higher educational institution, it consciously assesses, manages and communicates its own socio-economic-environmental impacts and incorporates experience into its operational, research and educational strategy. One of the key areas of the sustainability strategy is responsible education and research, and as part of the ISSUE project, the University is looking for methodological solutions to help the internal community gain a deeper understanding of the topic and activate participants by involving them in sustainability initiatives. In the case of methodologies and solutions, it is of primary importance to show as many practical, real economic challanges as possible, as well as experience-based solutions that strengthen the gamification approach. In addition to involving students and employees, the emphasis is placed on developing common thinking with members of the business community through relevant case studies, professional collaborations and initiatives. As the University is a member of the PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) organization, the selection of partners was in part based on the fact that we can tender for projects together with other international affiliates.


The main goal of the launched ISSUE project is to develop and apply various educational tools in higher educational institutions based on the principles and goals of sustainable development. Sustainability thinking needs to be integrated into the lives of all organisations through knowledge, commitment, collaboration and innovation. Higher educational institutions need to ensure that their leadership, faculty, staff, and students not only understand sustainability, but are able to act, behave, and disseminate sustainable practices. The project partners will develop content and tools on various sustainable development topics with a modern pedagogical approach, that can then be adapted to the different target groups of the university. 

Co-operating Partners

University Partners:

Budapest Business School, Budapest (Hungary) - Coordinator

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds (United Kingdom)

IEDC Bled School of Management, Bled (Slovenia)

Cologne Business School, Cologne (Germany)

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta (Finland)

Professional Partners:

INFODEF, Valladolid (Spain)

BCSDH – Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Budapest (Hungary)

CEEMAN - International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, Bled (Slovenia)

The BBS Team:

Dr Sára Csillag – project manager

Dr Krisztina Szegedi – professional leader

László Varga – project coordinator

Éva Huj – project administrator

Professional Implementers:

Andrea Nagy

Dr. Zsuzsanna Győri

Dorina Körtvési

Gabriella Sebestyén

Fanni Anna Hegedűs

Áron Szennay

Khan Yahia