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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of International Management and Business

The motto of the six decade old Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB), is ‘We train for International Business’. The Faculty approach provides students and lecturers innovation, the creative teaching methods and an inspiring learning environment. Of its 3,500 students, more than 10% are international students, and 15% of the student body study on courses offered in foreign languages. Those programmes, in addition to the dual degree and mobility opportunities with more than 120 foreign partner universities, provide a truly international academic environment.

Students may choose from bachelor’s programmes (BSc in Commerce and Marketing, BSc in International Business Economics, BA in International Relations and BA in Communication and Media), three Masters programmes (MA in Marketing, MA in International Business Economics and MA in International Relations), two post-secondary vocational degree programmes (Business and Management, and Commerce and Marketing (Marketing Communication), and a variety of postgraduate degree and short executive programmes. Some programmes are available in English and in French, thus the graduates may actively partake in, and develop, international business and diplomatic relations.

There are seven academic departments, two corporate departments and four foreign language programmes at FIMB. The academic departments support the learning of both the fundamentals and specialist knowledge of various fields. In accordance with its strong links with the corporate world, the faculty established corporate departments with two of the leading multinational companies (Bosch and Citibank), which help the students establish personal relationships with the forefront of global business.

Mid-level and executive managers participate in teaching and research activities, sharing up-to-date practices with the students and offering internship opportunities. Within the framework of the ‘dual educational programme’ the Faculty collaborates with 15 companies to ensure practical hands-on experience in addition to academic knowledge.

Since 1997, the FIMB campus has been based in Mátyásföld, in Budapest’s District XVI.. The main buildings consists of 70 classrooms, 5 lecture halls, a printing and publishing hall, and a library.

For further details please see the website of FIMB.