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Budapest Business School
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Our services
Our Services
The fact that a University's programme portfolio is targeted explicitly at the business world is certainly not unique, nor is the fact that higher education institutions seek to work with businesses on multiple levels – in education, research or applications. However, at BBS, we have also set ourselves the goal of building upon the university’s intellectual and infrastructural capabilities to enable us to extend our service portfolio to our partners and external customers in even more areas with a wider scope.


As a key institution in higher education in business and economics, BBS strives to transfer the scientific knowledge accumulated by its researchers to help business organisations in practice and to help contribute to their more efficient operations. We are also open to co-operation with labour market participants in the field of research, by recommending research topics, using university infrastructure and even undertaking joint research.  For more information, please contact us via email.


Our university carries out successful domestic, EU and international tender activities in a number of areas that are in some way related to domestic enterprises, especially within the SME sector. In recent years, a number of educational development projects have also been implemented to address a company problem, utilising complete programmes within and outside the school system, educational materials and skills development for business mentors. Our goal is to co-operate even more closely with Hungarian companies in the future, through the implementation of domestic or international tenders. 

For more information, please contact us via email.

Infrastructure Rentals

BBS also offers rooms and spaces for rent in several excellent locations. Our university’s infrastructural offering includes both historical listed buildings, in addition to modern facilities designed in the spirit of sustainability. An excellent example of the former is the Lotz Hall in the BBS Markó Street building, with frescoes by Károly Lotz and Mór Than on its walls. An example of the latter would be our smart campus on Berzsenyi Street, completed in 2017. BBS Markó Street building, in the heart of District V. is to be found at Markó Street 29-31. Thanks to its central location, the building is easily accessible by public transport, and can therefore be an excellent venue for various types of events, such as conferences, press briefings and trainings.  

The Highlighted Event Venues in the Markó Street Building:

  • Main Hall - The largest capacity room in the building is a modern, yet elegant event venue, which has hosted conferences and workshops on numerous occasions. For example in 2018, the Google Digital Workshop 2018 event was organised here by Portfolio Online. 
  • Lotz Hall - The main attraction of our building in Markó Street is the Lotz Hall, built in the Neo-Renaissance style and decorated with rich ornamentation and furnishings. The hall is an elegant event venue which has often played host to press briefings, conferences and other important meetings. 
  • Community Space - A modern event venue, found in the basement of the building and can be accessed through the Bihari Street entrance. 

For capacity, availability and other technical details of the rooms for rent, please contact us via email!