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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Why is it good for you?
7.7 billion people asked themselves the question, "but what can I do myself?"
At Budapest Business School, we believe that a responsible and sustainable future is everyone's business - and that together, we can accomplish the most.

Have you ever wondered what are the impacts of climate change and how it will affect our lives? Did you know that less than 1% of the world’s water supply is readily available and fit for consumption? And that we use an estimated 500 billion plastic bags a year worldwide for an average of 12 minutes, after which it becomes waste, and yet only 1% of which is recycled? Have you heard that last year, as a result of over-consumption, by July 29th we had already exhausted the entire year’s resources that our planet can produce sustainably.

The organization can also give you a lot, if any of the following aspects have already occurred to you:

  • Worried about the future of your own generation and the next, but you don’t know what can be done?
  • Do you believe that together, with small and big changes, we can make the world better and more liveable?
  • Do you have a good idea that would be a more environmentally, socially or even economically responsible solution than the current one?
  • Have you seen a best practice that we could use to improve our daily lives, our own work or even our work environment? Would you suggest introducing it to BBS?
  • You haven’t volunteered so far, but would like to do so in the future? Or you have volunteered in the past and would like to continue to do so in the future?
  • Would you like to join an open community and have a greater societal impact?

We hope you will join us, provided that you also desire a more liveable world. We are working to create this both within and outside the university.

BBS's strategic goals include a Responsible and Sustainable University, which we can only be achieved with the active participation of our internal community. A special team at our university deals with the issue of sustainability, supporting BBS in making this kind of awareness visible in all areas of our operations, and ensuring that our students are equipped with this knowledge and these values to help them make responsible decisions in the future. We already know how much strength this gives. Here’s your chance to be part of an inspiring community and an exciting journey. We are waiting for you. 😊

Start learning about us here!

BBS for the CommunityJoin Us!Our troops

In the spring of 2019 during the pandemic but well beyond it, we created our knowledge and help-sharing platform that you too can join!

If you didn’t know how to share your improvement ideas before, now is your chance, along with the user-friendly interface to make it happen!

Did you know that the University also has a Sustainability Council, Network and Centre? Come and meet us!