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Budapest Business School
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Oriental Business and Innovation Center

The Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC // Center) was established in 2016 by Budapest Business School (BBS) and the Hungarian National Bank (MNB). In line with the strategy of our university, the main goals of OBIC include the direct channelling of Asian economic development experience into the Hungarian national economy, as well as the development of educational, research, cultural and economic relations between Hungary and East Asian countries. 

The establishment of OBIC in 2016 was motivated by several factors. The shifting international economic and political environment in Europe has opened up new horizons in terms of both economic relations and knowledge transfer between East Asia and Hungary and has created a growing demand for skilled and experienced professionals with knowledge of the languages, culture, and economy of the East Asian region. The policy of "opening up to the East" has created new opportunities that OBIC can help to exploit through student and researcher mobility, academic research, the development of inter-institutional relations and the teaching of Eastern languages.


The overall objective of OBIC is to improve the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy by an understanding of the experience the East Asian region went through. OBIC plays an important role in the implementation of BBS’s international strategy and its specific objective is to become a leading institution in Oriental business studies. Its activities target India, Indonesia, Japan, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, as well as other countries in the Pacific. OBIC supports the teaching of Oriental languages and intercultural management, the organization of thematic and target group-specific training and applied research, and the development, delivery and operation of mobility and scholarship programs. In the last 4 years, about 50 instructors have participated in educational, and research projects and mobility programmes, and nearly 450 students have completed studies under OBIC programmes.


The OBIC main website is available HERE with constantly updated content. 



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OBIC - Introduction
The Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC) was established by the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences (BBS) and the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary) in 2016 with the objective to contribute to a better understanding of the East Asian region and to educate op...

The focus is on high-level academic research, mobility, and wide dissemination of knowledge

The work of the OBIC Research Center focuses on the economies and societies of East Asian countries, regularly running research groups involving BBS faculty as well as foreign researchers with an East Asian research focus. It publishes the results in a number of high-quality conferences proceedings, papers, and publications. The most significant OBIC Book Series has been published since 2016 and now boasts 8 issues covering a wide range of topics, from economic development strategies to country-focused study collections.

The Center provides an opportunity for our faculty and researchers to participate in researcher mobility programmes and supports the mobility of international scholars, in the framework of which the invited lecturers and researchers can conduct research at Budapest Business School.

Every spring, OBIC also organises one of the most important international conferences of our University. Over the past three conferences, more than 140 speakers and 400 participants from 20 countries have been represented at the event.

OBIC in numbers



Associate professor
  • Office: 1165 Budapest, Diósy L. u. 22-24.
  • Office: Building K, 2nd Floor, Room 8; Building D, 2nd Floor, Room 50
  • Phone: +36 1 467-7968
  • Internal extension: 968
  • E-mail:

Research Manager

College professor
  • Office: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 9-11.
  • Office: 2nd Floor, Room 219
  • Phone: +36 1 374-6200
  • Internal extension: 111
  • E-mail:

Project Manager

Project Manager
  • Office: 1165 Budapest, Diósy Lajos u. 22-24.
  • Office: KII.08.
  • Phone: +36 1 467-7800
  • Internal extension: 398
  • E-mail:

Project Manager


High level scientific research and wide dissemination of knowledge

The work of the OBIC Research Centre is fundamentally focused on the economies and societies of East Asian countries. OBIC is not only responsible for BBS’s largest international conference, but also for organizing book launches, professional debates, and workshops. Since 2016, 8 books have been published as part of the OBIC Book Series, all available on the OBIC website. They cover a wide range of topics, from economic development strategies to country-focused collections of studies. OBIC also regularly runs research teams involving BBS faculty and foreign researchers with a research focus on East Asia.

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Visiting Researcher Mobility Programme

OBIC supports the mobility of international researchers which allows invited academics and researcher to carry out research at Budapest Business School. During their stay, in addition to their research work related to the East Asian region or the various research areas of BBS, they also offer special courses for BBS students, thus contributing to knowledge exchange and a diversified education.

Incoming researchers will receive a grant and OBIC aims to ensure that the researchers spend the duration of their stay (be it a few weeks or a few months, depending on the call) doing meaningful work that will help to promote educational, research, cultural and economic links between Hungary and East Asian countries.

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OBIC publications

  • OBIC Book Series

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  • Conference abstract volumes

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  • PhD volumes

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  • DITEC conference proceeding

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  • Intercultural management textbook

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  • Studies

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OBIC East Asian Book Corner

The OBIC East Asian Book Corner is located in the special room of the Library of the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business. The collection includes East Asian-themed books in Hungarian and English, which can be read on site or borrowed. Students, faculty, and researchers can silently retreat to the world of politics, economics, culture, and society of East Asian countries. The offer of the book corner is constantly expanding.

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Student mobility in the form of a semester-long part-time course in East Asia

The mobility scholarship provides an opportunity for BBS students to pursue their studies at East Asian higher education institutions for one semester. Depending on the call for applications, the scholarships are primarily aimed at studying in countries in the East Asian region at higher education institutions cooperating with BBS.

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East Asian summer university for BBS students

Every summer, OBIC announces its Asian Summer University for BBS students. The Summer University offers the opportunity to participate in programmes lasting a few weeks at different East Asian institutions, the costs of which are covered by OBIC.

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Outbound researcher mobility for BBS faculty members

OBIC offers BBS faculty and researchers the opportunity to participate in a researcher mobility scheme aimed at promoting educational, research, cultural and economic relations between Hungary and East Asian countries, conducting topic-specific research and enhancing BBS's academic achievements in foreign languages.

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Conference participation grant

Every year, OBIC announces a call for BBS faculty and researchers to participate in international conferences in OBIC target countries in East Asia and/or in scientific events about East Asia in Europe. The participants present their own research topic at the international conference thus contributing to the overall OBIC objective of promoting cooperation, exchange of knowledge sharing and the development of educational, research, cultural and economic relations between Hungary and East Asian countries.

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Free Oriental language courses (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Vietnamese)

The general goal of OBIC is to contribute to the training of professionals (economists, international relations experts) who speak East Asian languages and are familiar with the culture and economy of East Asian countries and regions. In this context, the Center provides BBS students and lecturers the opportunity to attend free language courses in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

The classes are held twice a week in 2x45-minute blocks of 5-20 students for 12 weeks, taught by excellent language teachers who motivate students to learn Oriental languages from semester to semester.

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East Asian Intercultural Management training

OBIC organises free East Eastern intercultural management training for BBS students and faculty. The course runs 6 hours per week for 22 weeks - over two semesters - at the end of which students receive a certificate of completion. The course is taught by our excellent trainers, experts from the East Asian region, along well-developed and highly interesting thematics. The textbook of the course is now available to anyone interested.

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Professional and cultural events (conferences, workshops) related to the region in the fields of international management, international relations, finance, commerce and tourism. 

OBIC International Conference

Every spring, OBIC organises an international conference in Budapest with the participation of experts from the region, with the aim of strengthening and deepening relations between East Asia and the Central European region. In recent years, the conferences have focused mainly on East Asian and Central European relations.

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PhD Conference

OBIC's annual PhD conference is an opportunity for ambitious PhD students from Hungarian and foreign universities studying in doctoral schools, who are engaged in research on the East Asian region, to present and receive feedback on their latest findings. As a follow-up to the conference, OBIC also offers publication opportunity.

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Dialogues with the Orient event series

OBIC launched its Dialogues with the Orient series in autumn 2018, with occasional cultural performances. Its aim is to thematically explore topical issues affecting East Asia in the fields of economics, international relations, politics, and culture, with the participation of researchers, experts, diplomats, and business representatives.

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OBIC Workshop

The OBIC Workshop provides an opportunity for participants in the OBIC Researcher Mobility Programme to present the results of their research in East Asia to the public and receive feedback on their work.

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Expanding BBS's international relations, contributing to the development of joint academic and other programmes

OBIC takes a conscious and focused approach to its domestic and international partnerships, in line with its core objectives and values. At the same time, it is always open to the development of new institutional ties with the potential for meaningful and successful cooperation. In this way, it is constantly working to expand its network of professional and academic cooperation and to deepen its existing relationships.

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