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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Our university has traditionally had a strong relationship with the business community and has developed excellent partnerships in all areas of economic life. At BBS, we believe that together we can work for the key players in our country's economy, for Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises, and to help increase the propensity for entrepreneuship.

There is a great need to increase the entrepreneurial spirit because, according to the results of the GUESSS international research (represented in Hungary by BBS), only a small percent of Hungarian youth plan to embark on an entrepreneurial career after university. Increasing the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of young people, and students in particular, is an important economic and social issue to which we are fully committed. We believe that we can do even more through collaborations, and in recent years we have found many partners both domestically and internationally to help us in this task.

To help you connect with us, we present below some of our collaborations related explicitly to the topic of entrepreneurship development.
  • Together with the Sándor Demján Foundation, in the autumn of 2019, we established an Entrepreneurship Development Research and Teaching Scholarship to support academic research and education in Hungarian entrepreneurship development. One of the most outstanding businessmen in Hungary, Sándor Demján, was a former student of the predecessor institution of our university. In honour of his value-creating work and intellectual heritage, we also inaugurated a lecture hall bearing his name in the BBS Alkotmány Street building.
  • We have been working with the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts (MOME) for several years to provide inspiration and useful knowledge to young people in relation to entrepreneurship. The first success was the ‘COLLAB powered by Budapest LAB & MOME +’ series of events, which focused specifically on creative industries and occasionally attracted more than a hundred participants. Following that, in 2018 the ‘COLLAB - Business Plan in a Week’ course began, where students experience collaboration in small teams, using our innovative methodology to learn in just one week what thinking can be used to establish a business venture. The best feedback is the fact that there has been a steady increase in the size of the oversubscription for the course, which is announced every six months.
  • We have been working with the Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA) since the spring of 2018, using our resources to help young people become entrepreneurs, to develop a Hungarian entrepreneurial culture, and to establish well-functioning bilateral professional relations between higher education institutions and the business sector. 
  • With K&K Magazine, we regularly organise full-house conferences for heads of family businesses, attracting more than a hundred business leaders. The practical and interactive events provide an opportunity for the relevant BBS research results to be communicated in a comprehensible way to the stakeholders, who can in turn utilise them in running their companies more successfully. In addition, we create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to prepare for the challenges of business transfer by learning from each other's experiences.
Our university also carries out successful domestic, EU and international tender activities in a number of areas related to domestic enterprises, especially in the SME sector. 

You can read more about these HERE. In recent years, a number of development projects have been implemented to find a solution to a specific company problem, for example with complete programmes within as well as outside the school system, educational materials, and skills development for business mentors. In the future, BBS aims to cooperate even more closely with Hungarian companies either through the implementation of domestic and/or international tenders.  

Among the many opportunities for cooperation with the University, every business regardless of industry or size, can find something interesting and useful.  


If you would like to know more,

read our proposal HERE!

If you would like to contact us specifically on the topic of entrepreneurship development,

contact Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Center with your questions and suggestions.

If you are not yet sure exactly how to connect with us, 

send us an email and we will help you find the most suitable partner for your business within the University.