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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
We strive for long-term, future-oriented relationships and strategic alliances with our domestic and international partners. Our goal is to work with other participants to train responsible, intellectual professionals who are able to solve business and social challenges throughout their careers. In an effort to enchance this, BBS welcomes and offers contractual co-operation opportunities which support scientific, community, cultural and sporting events through professional, in-kind or monetary means.

In general, BBS collaborations are always multi-level, typically focusing on a joint education or research activity or event, though usually including some form of support (e.g.: infrastructure development, sponsorship of an event or programme, or scholarship). In the following, we present just a few examples of the many existing collaborations, and discuss further opportunities.

FINTELLIGENCE Financial Education Centre - in cooperation with Unicredit Bank, FINTELLIGENCE Financial Culture Centre and BBS FFA

As part of this collaboration, in 2019 we handed over the finance laboratory at the BBS Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, which is an ideal venue for university-level courses, conferences and educational lectures related to the topic. In addition to the modern financial lecture hall, we also designed an exhibition space in the financial laboratory. The aim of this multi-level co-operation between BBS FFA, Unicredit Bank and the FINTELLIGENCE Financial Culture Centre, is to develop a financial culture. We therefore also co-operate in the fields of education, talent development and research.

CITI Global is a Corporate Department of the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business

In order to strengthen university-business relations, our university and Citibank Europe plc. established a new corporate department in 2020 at the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business. The CITI Global Business Department aims to create a direct link between education and research and development, to develop student’s innovation and entrepreneurial competencies by introducing new teaching methods and to support talent development. The Department is committed to nurturing talent, which is evidenced by the fact that in co-operation with students, the Faculty of International Management and Business is developing new courses for the Miklós Káldor vocational college. Within the framework of this collaboration, CitiBank Europe plc. has also created an inspiring student community space at the BBS Faculty of International Management and Business.

Entrepreneurship Development Research Scholarship in collaboration with the Sándor Demján Foundation

In 2019, BBS and the Sándor Demján Foundation signed a multi-level co-operation agreement, within the framework of which we established the ‘Entrepreneurship Development Research and Teacher Scholarship’ to support research and educational programmes related to entrepreneurship develoment. The signing of the co-operation agreement was also an event celebrating the naming of Lecture Hall V. in the Alkotmány Street building after Sándor Demján, one of the most influential business leaders in Hungary. Sándor Demján was a former student of the predecessor institution of our university, thus naming the lecture hall and the scholarship after him is an expression of respect for his value-creating work and intellectual heritage. 

Entrepreneurship Management Thesis of the Year Award

As a business research university, we encourage and support BBS students to find this topic relevant and interesting, as well as research that is useful to others in addition to members of the academic community. In 2020 therefore, we established the ’Entrepreneurship Management Thesis of the Year Award’, which henceforth will be awarded annually to the BBS graduate who submits the best dissertation on entrepreneurship development and management of SMEs. The decision will be made by the professional jury of the Budapest LAB. Thanks to the offer of PWC, the first winner of the award will also take part in a professional course organised and funded by the company.

Secure future scholarship

At the university, we support our students who achieve outstanding academic results and are active in community activities, within the framework of the ‘Secure Future Scholarship’ programme. The scholarship programme can be provided from our resources as well as from corporate grants.

Joining this programme is ideal for our partners if they are unable to undertake full control of the selection process, but wish to participate in student support and plan for the possible future employment of selected, successful students at their company, perhaps even as part of an internship. 

How can you relate to these initiatives?

If you feel that any of the co-operation options and opportunities have caught your attention or you would like to provide professional or financial support to BBS in some other way, please contact us via email!

Why is this good for you or your business? 

Through their contribution as sponsors, our corporate partners play an important role in education, in our professional life, as well as in the high-quality implementation of important events at our university.

One of the main attractions of working with BBS is that through these connections, our students become acquainted with our partners. Through sponsorship for example, companies can reach a vast audience, which has a positive PR effect on the company's reputation and can also involve recruitment opportunities. Moreover, at the end of their university studies, the best students may assist in the operation of organizations through internships.

In addition, these collaborations allow businesses to learn first-hand about the attitudes of young people now entering the labour market, the latest applied research and consequent results, as well as our current programmes.

We report continuously on our partner collaborations in our current news section and it is worthwhile to follow what is happening!