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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
Our university supports young people as they prepare for entrepreneurship on several academic levels. At BBS, programmes or courses related to entrepreneurship development are available at the bachelor, master’s and doctoral levels. Today, our master's degree in business management has become the most popular programme in its category in Hungary, and the Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Management is the first in Hungary to place its training and research focus on the areas of business and management of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, novice and practising entrepreneurs, those who are just considering entrepreneurship and those who are interested in the scientific background and theory of the topic, will all find the most appropiate programme best suited their needs. 

When designing BBS’s programmes and training portfolio, we take into account corporate needs and labour market trends. Already in the mid-2010s, we became aware that we could play a pivotal role in preparing young people for entrepreneurship as well as in the training and continuing education of managers and owners of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. This conviction has led us to our objective of supporting SMEs as part of our university’s strategy and in the past few years we have been able to demonstrate that education and research can indeed have a positive impact on businesses. In addition to continuously researching key issues affecting the SME sector, BBS also makes policy recommendations, expounds good practices and organises thematic events to share knowledge with as many stakeholders as possible, through as many platforms as possible.

In Hungarian society with its traditional low-risk inclination toward business ventures, and where the perception of being an entrepreneur is unfortunately still not generally positive, it is challenging to promote starting a business as a desired career goal for young people. Which is why we offer programmes at all levels of education so that students become acquainted with the expectations of the business world and the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur, while still in their university years.

Dedicated Subjects and Intensive Courses

In addition to the dedicated subjects, students studying in Bachelor business programmes can become acquainted with the theoretical background of business operations and management practices in several ways. From the autumn of 2020, the so-called Fast Track Intensive Weeks included in the curriculum along with other innovative methodology courses aim to familiarise students with the expectations of businesses, the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur and the basic know-how necessary to start their own business. Within the framework of the subject of entrepreneurship, students will form teams and during the semester they will start from a business idea and its validation and take it to the creation of a business concept or model of the business. During the project-based course ‘COLLAB - Business Plan in a Week’, with the help of our innovative methodology, students studying in these small teams will learn what will be required to establish a business venture. We also place emphasis on business-related inspiration and knowledge transfer through academic competitions and numerous classes and extra-curricular events.

In 2020, BBS was one of the first to join the Hungarian Start-up University Programme (HSUP), which is Hungary's first higher education level start-up course. HSUP is a two-semester e-learning programme, where in the first semester, the focus is on familiarisation with innovative thinking and the start-up world, while in the second semester, students acquire practical knowledge related to building a company.

At the end of the first semester, in addition to the exam, students prepare a ‘one-pager’ about their business idea. They can then work on this during the second semester on the proposal of their university and with the financial support of NKFIH. Students who complete the second semester will even be able to present their entrepreneurial idea and the completed MVP to investors. You can find further information about the programmes HERE.


Master of Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The programme, which began in 2015 and focuses specifically on the needs of practising entrepreneurs, is currently the most popular part-time master's degree in entrepreneurship development in Hungary. Its focus is centered on small and medium-sized enterprises and family businesses. Not only will students learn from experienced practitioners, they will also learn about the latest research findings, the latest trends related to the topic and will acquire a high level of theoretical and methodological knowledge of business development, business knowledge and managerial competencies. Students enrolled in the Master of Business Mangement programme include entrepreneurs, young people who are already planning entrepreneurship, young people with an entrepreneurial attitude, and professionals who play a key role next to entrepreneurs.

Students graduating from the Master of Entrepreneurship Development programme are able to creatively apply corporate development methods, to make professionally informed decisions, and to actively and effectively apply business communication and negotiation techniques. 

• Further information about the programme is available HERE.

• If you would like to contact us, please write to Zsigmond Száva (mentor) or Brigitta Kovács (departmental secretary).


Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business

The BBS Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business operates in the fields of social sciences and management and organisational sciences, with particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to those interested in academic careers, business professionals can also benefit from this programme which is based on the applied sciences. In addition to applicants with more experience and practical knowledge, our doctoral school also welcomes applications from freshly graduated MA and MSc students. To learn more or to apply for the programme, please click HERE


Adult education, postgraduate specialist training programme and other programmes

In addition to the above-listed programmes, you can search thematically as well as by programme level, to find out more about all our available offerings HERE.