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On the Why is it good for you? landing page, we have described in more detail why sustainability is important to the BBS community: essentially, that we can work together for a more liveable and sustainable world, and that we can really only create this together. We trust that you have visited this site because you would like to join us in some way, and for this we are happy in advance, and below we will detail how you can do this.

If you are not yet sure exactly how to join, follow our events and learn more about us! 

It is worthwhile paying attention to the Facebook page of the Budapest Business School and the Events menu of the BBS website, where we describe the upcoming programs and events you can join, such as Volunteer Week, Researchers’ Night, BBS Open Day and many more… We hope to see you soon! In the meantime, here's a little teaser. 😊

If you are determined, we recommend the BBS for the Community initiative! 

As an educational and research institution, BBS is committed to knowledge- sharing, and in addition to taking responsibility for all the citizens of the University, we consider it important to support the wider community with our own resources. Therefore, we have recently set up a platform to make the existing intellectual products of our inner community available to each other and to the outside world, in addition to collecting voluntary personal donations. The BBS for the Community page includes everything we believe about ourselves: professionalism and responsibility - for our University, for our approximately 18,000 students, and for the wider community. We are proud to have over 15 immediately accessible content and 150 personal offerings available and we hope that thanks to you, we can expand the line-up even further.

Do you already have your own specific idea? Would you like to start a sustainability project? - Share it with us so we can support it! 

At BBS, we consider it important that responsible thinking and conscious action determine our decisions, whether we are talking about long-term developments or day-to-day business, including the entire community of the university. If you see an area where you think we can do some good, improve our processes, with a little attention or even greater improvement we can make a real impact, be sure to send us the information with the help of this form. It will help you to think through the details, and for us to think together about the main aspects: what strategic goal the initiative is related to, what costs are associated with it (if it is possible to estimate), what time frame can be considered, whether you can contribute personally to the project, and what possible impact can be achieved.

The applications received are discussed quarterly by the Sustainability Network and suggestions are made to management regarding which projects could be implemented and with what timeline. As soon as the initiative gets the green light, we will immediately begin the process! :) 

If you have any further questions, you can send them to the email address!

Sustainability Centre