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Partnership in education
Our university has traditionally had a strong relationship with the business community and has developed enduring partnerships in all areas of economic life. In developing our programme portfolio, we take into account corporate needs and labour market trends. We work with our business partners at all levels, be it in education, talent development or research. Through these cooperations we can ensure that students, while still immersed in their university studies, become familiar with the expectations of businesses and the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur. At what levels precisely is partnership possible in education? 

Involvement in Everyday Educational Activities 

At each of our faculties, we provide an opportunity for corporate leaders and experts in education to share their knowledge with our approximately 18,000 students. The retention of individual lessons is as interesting for us as the development of common courses or participation in the so-called Fast Track intensive weeks that were added to the curriculum this year. This sharing of practical experience and knowledge is important for our students, as it allows them to see the challenges and opportunities of the business world, while still in their university years, and conversely, corporate lecturers can become acquainted with the attitudes of the young people soon to be entering the labour force. This will also help the organisation develop a more effective workforce retention strategy and assist in the immersion of young people into their corporate culture. In addition to classroom attendance, we also regularly host professionals and entrepreneurs at our events and this experience is also of great value to our students. We are also open to cooperation regarding company and factory visits, as these are excellent opportunities for knowledge transfer.


Students from our university are traditionally welcomed by the business community at the various internship venues. For companies working with BBS, it is extremely attractive for them to have the opportunity for our students to work at their companies as interns toward the end of their undergraduate degree. For these organisations, it also means fresh momentum, fresh knowledge and perhaps a potential employee for the future. Internships are also fundamentally important for our students. On the one hand, they provide an opportunity for them to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting, which proves the usefulness of their knowledge, and on the other hand, they are given the opportunity to experience the workplace community and environment. With respect to the internship programmes, every year we organise a Career Day, which is a venue where our students can meet with all the different companies that are offering internships.

Dual Education

Dual Education is a special form of training that appears in higher education. It aims to reconcile the needs of both higher education as well as the labour market through the practice-oriented training of future professionals. Participation in this type of programme provides companies with the opportunity to employ student-employees throughout the length of the programme (and even after the agreement), who are well acquainted with the company and its work processes. Thanks also to the close cooperation with the university, the companies involved have direct access to the latest information about professional innovations. Currently, BBS offers dual education in five undergraduate courses, in collaboration with more than 50 corporate partners. Dual education has obligations and additional tasks for all participants - partners, institutions, and students - but at the same time, it offer enormous benefits. Which is why we are constantly looking for, and expanding, our portfolio of professional internship and dual education locations so that our students can gain this important, relevant experience. Further information HERE.

Thesis Consultation and Participation in the Final Exam

We consider it mutually beneficial for our students to be able to prepare their dissertations in the corporate field, under the external supervision of the expertise of our corporate partners. The professional guidance of the external consultants who assist our students help them to adapt their acquired knowledge to the market. In addition, due to this type of cooperation, dissertation students may even contribute to the processing of a business problem, for example, in the form of a small survey. Judges from the corporate side provide credible and invaluable feedback to students on the knowledge they gained during their university programme. Hundreds of our partners now also regularly participate in the work of the final examination boards.

Corporate Departments 

Corporate departments are one of the most complex and forward-thinking forms of business-university cooperation, with activities ranging from joint research, curriculum development and education to talent development, and provide a very close, day-to-day relationship between a corporation and the university. At BBS, we are already preparing our fourth corporate department so that our most committed partners can become even more involved in education and research, and so that they can communicate their company brand even more effectively. 

Click here to find out more about our Corporate Departments!

Citi Global Business Corporate Department

Robert Bosch Lean Management Corporate Department

Talent Development and Scholarships

We also try to support our high-performing students through scholarship programmes , which we can provide from our own resources as well as through corporate or other grants. We believe that scholarships provide a key opportunity for companies to build their brand while also providing them with a constant supply of professionals for their workforce. We also welcome the fact that when our students participate in study competitions or academic conferences, they are offered topics or awards that are also useful to the business community. 

There are many forms of scholarship opportunities, some of which may be of interest to our partners:
  • Secure Future Scholarship 

The ‘Secure Future Scholarship’ is aimed at those talented students of the university who have achieved outstanding academic results, who are professionally committed and who participate in community work. Joining this programme is ideal for our partners if they are unable to undertake full control of the selection process, but consider it important, and therefore are willing to participate in supporting students as well as planning for the possible future employment of selected, successful students at their company, perhaps even through internships. 

  • Corporate Scholarship

The purpose of the ’Corporate Scholarship’ is to provide financial funding support to students who have achieved outstanding academic results and are active in other community activities (professional, cultural, sports, etc.) from the resources provided by the University's partner companies, in the form of a scholarship. This form of support not only provides financial assistance to our students, but also provides an opportunity for our business partners to participate in the internship process for selected students.

If you would like to establish an educational, research or mentor collaboration with the university, please contact us via our email address.