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Budapest Business School

University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Rector's welcome

Dear Reader!

As Rector of Budapest Business School, I sincerely welcome you to this renewed website of the University!

A Rich History

Our institution boasts a rich history, providing students with academic excellence and personal enrichment since 1857. Our three Faculties each have a unique heritage. The combined Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism, Faculty of International Management and Business, and the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy blend together to form the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences.

The Path to Success

Since these early beginnings, our university has secured a reputation as a place for firsts. It is the number one business training institution in Hungary. We are market leaders in all Bachelor programmes of business studies and hold a dominant market position in short-cycle vocational education and Master programmes.

Our market success is due to our exceptional practice-oriented programme structure, which is specifically adapted to the needs of the domestic and international labour markets. We keep our programmes relevant and contemporary, to increase the prospects and value of our nearly 18,000 students from more than 80 countries. Whether in careers or studies, we also believe the key to success is through providing the right conditions and opportunities to reach full potential. In this way, students will be able to adapt continuously to changes in the coming years and decades. In addition to the core activity of teaching, we are committed to knowledge-sharing thorough our high-level international academic activity. 


With one of the largest student bodies in the country, we recognise our role in the development of the economy and society. Through increasing awareness and shaping attitudes in our cohesive community, we all work towards a sustainable future

Entrepreneurial Spirit

At BBS, we pride ourselves on our innovative spirit and thoughtful, deliberate strategy that has shaped our decisions in recent years. We continue to attach great importance to continuous self-assessment and development, and the international accreditation processes we have launched are a testament to these actions.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in our focus on the SME sector. We provide support in three ways. First, by training its current and future leaders. Second, by carrying out research in this field, and third, by promoting a cutting-edge spirit across the entire organisation.

Building together

“If you want to go fast, go alone! If you want to go far, go together! ”(African proverb)

Our goals cannot be achieved alone, and we are building partnerships in all areas. For decades now we have been cultivating active and close relationships with the key actors of Hungarian and International economic life.

Final words

As the rector of the university, I am confident that our commitment and strength will become increasingly visible and tangible to the outside world. The renewed website also serves this purpose: in addition to our current and future students, we would like to provide useful and valuable content for our academic, professional and business partners, thus helping them to connect with us!

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Balázs Heidrich