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Külkereskedelmi Kar


Külkereskedelmi Kar
Chance or Risk for Logistics and Production?

  • Industry 4.0: Key Features and Market Projection
  • Integrated Value Chains: Enable for Lean Logistics
  • Risk Management: Tools and Methods ISO 31000

Prof. Volker Schilling, Chief Audit Executive of the Robert Bosch Global Internal Auditing and Head of the Bosch Lean Management Department presents the 4th industrial revolution challenges and opportunities by means of practical examples.

Apply now to learn more about the key principles of Lean management and broaden your vision on what Industry 4.0 activities support lean production in the Bosch Group.

Time of the lecture: 2018. 04. 19. 9:45 - 11:15

Place of the lecture: E. I. 9.

Language of the lecture: English

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