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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Master’s programme

There are currently 9 Master’s programmes available at BBS, ranging from international studies, through management organisation to finance and entrepreneurship. Learn more with us, in our practice-oriented programmes, which can be undertaken even while working!

Continuous live-long learning and self-conscious development are now an essential part of life. During a Master's Programme, you can deepen your previously acquired knowledge, while through the extensive corporate relationships at our University, you can learn from professionals active in the business world. You will have the chance to meet people with similar or completely different world views as well as meeting colleagues working in the profession you have chosen. Your horizons will expand, new impulses will reach you, and if by chance you missed out on Erasmus during your undergraduate degree, you can still take advantage of the opportunity in your Master’s programme.

In short, completing a Master’s degree will significantly improve your job market position and you can potentially earn up to 20-30 percent more. A Master’s degree is also a good entry point for an international career and a stepping stone to becoming a leader.

You can apply for the following Master’s Programmes at BBS:

Accounting (only in Hungarian)

Business Management (only in Hungarian)

Economist in Management and Leadership (only in Hungarian)

Finance (only in Hungarian)

International Economy and Business (Hungarian, English)

International Relations (Hungarian, English)

Marketing (only in Hungarian)

Teacher of Economics (only in Hungarian)

Tourism Management (Hungarian, English)