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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Master’s programme
There are currently 9 Master’s programmes available at BBS, ranging from international studies, through management organisation to finance and entrepreneurship. Learn more with us, in our practice-oriented programmes, which can be undertaken even while working!

Continuous live-long learning and self-conscious development are now an essential part of life. During a Master's Programme, you can deepen your previously acquired knowledge, while through the extensive corporate relationships at our University, you can learn from professionals active in the business world. You will have the chance to meet people with similar or completely different world views as well as meeting colleagues working in the profession you have chosen. Your horizons will expand, new impulses will reach you, and if by chance you missed out on Erasmus during your undergraduate degree, you can still take advantage of the opportunity in your Master’s programme.

In short, completing a Master’s degree will significantly improve your job market position and you can potentially earn up to 20-30 percent more. A Master’s degree is also a good entry point for an international career and a stepping stone to becoming a leader.

In the 2021/2022 academic year, you can apply for the following Master’s Programmes at BBS:


Digitalization, international context, practice-oriented approach - this is the BBS Masters degree in Marketing.

Thanks to up-to-date knowledge and practical experience, you can even build a career in the following areas:

  • marketing communications
  • strategic planning
  • brand management
  • trade marketing

International Economy and Business

Build a career on the international stage, become a leader, learn while working, with state funding!

With your Masters degree in your hands you will be prepared to:

  • analyze the global world economy
  • interpret international trends
  • manage foreign investment
  • undertake leading positions in international and internationalizing organizations

International Relations (English)

Our renewed Masters Program focuses on business diplomacy.

Continue your studies in the Masters of International Relations, and...

  • become an expert in international relationship development and liaison
  • master the tools and tricks of business diplomacy,
  • work as a diplomat, international expert, international director or international project manager in public administration or in the international corporate sector.


Choose BBS even after your undergraduate degree if you envision yourself at a financial company or analyzing the finances of a multi-national corporation!

Whether you want to work at home or abroad, you can learn everything from our professionally recognized instructors, such as:

  • applied company valuation
  • community economics
  • public finances
  • public sector accounting

All you have to do is decide whether to choose the corporate finance or monetary and public finance specialization.


If you envision your future in the field of accounting, you should apply for a BBS Masters degree!

  • management accounting specialization: cost and performance evaluation, strategic management accounting, case studies
  • inspection and audit specialization: audit of credit institutions, audit system
  • you can apply not only with a Bachelors degree in financial accounting, but also with the following: management and administration, commerce and marketing, international management, tourism and hospitality, human resources, business instructor

Teacher of Economics

Get ready for a teaching career - deepen your knowledge of commerce and marketing, as well as tourism and gastronomy!

  • pedagogical-psychological, professional methodological knowledge
  • intensive teaching practice
  • it can be done in as littel time as two semesters

Tourism Management

The diverse and unique world of tourism requires versatile, creative managers.

Among other things, our Masters degree enables you to perform the following tasks at a higher level:

  • organization and management of tourism enterprises (accommodation, event organizers, airlines, restaurants ...)
  • creating a tourism strategy or marketing plan for municipalities, regions
  • experience-based development of tourist attractions (e.g. festivals, cultural heritage, national parks ...)
  • launching tourism businesses based on modern business models.

Choose our program to start or accelerate your tourism career!

Business Management

Are you planning your own business or are you already an entrepreneur? Perhpas you want to play an important role in businesses other than your own? Then apply to our Master of Business Development program, where you can learn about the latest research results and the latest trends related to the topic from experienced practitioners.

Some examples of what you can learn if you choose BBS:

  • family business management
  • responsible management
  • research into the future
  • holistic marketing
  • international business development

Economist in Management and Leadership

In addition to innovative, new content, the program aims to transfer knowledge based on work-intensive, small-group, cooperative willingness instead of traditional, written material-based education.

By completing this program you will be able to:

  • manage medium and large enterprises, organization units or project teams in middle and upper-middle management positions,
  • understand the business and leadership challenges of the digital age and provide effective and efficient answers to them by finding new ways to create value,
  • apply demanding analysis and modeling methods, in order to create an organizational or professional strategy, 
  • plan and manage complex management processes.

All you have to do is choose between the human resource development, leadership, and controlling and managerial decision support specializations!