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Budapest Business School

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Budapest Business School
University of Applied Sciences
Short-cycle Vocational Programmes

It is possible to start one of these programmes with a high school diploma, and while it will result in a higher professional qualification, it will not grant an independent level of education.

Length of programme: 4 semesters

The number of credits required for obtaining this level of qualification: 120 credits. Students who have completed a Short-cycle Vocational Programme can go on to complete the undergraduate programme of the same name at our University in three semesters less time.

Detailed information on available training and admission requirements can be found HERE.

In the academic year 2021/2022, you can apply for the following Short-cycle Vocational Programmes as part of the supplementary admission process at BBS:

Business Administration and Management

Business Information Technology

Commerce and Marketing (commerce)

Commerce and Marketing (logistics)

Commerce and Marketing (marketing communication)

Finance and Account (public finance)

Finance and Account (banking)

Finance and Account (entrepreneurship)

Tourism and Catering (tourism)

Tourism and Catering (catering)