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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Activation of semester
During your studies, you only need to enrol once, following admission. For additional semesters, you can register for the semester as active or passive, depending on whether you want to continue with your studies or pause them temporarily. 

Register a semester for an active semester 

You can register for a semester during the registration period, of which, you will be informed. This is also published in the course schedule, and you will also be able to find this within the Neptun system under the menu Periods. 

  • To register for the active semester, you must have confirmation that you have been admitted to at least one subject. You may have already done this at the time of pre-registration or during the period specified under the information facts. >> Course enrolment 
  • An additional condition for registration and subject admission is the payment of 45% of the cost or 45% of the foreign language contribution fee. The deadline for this payment is the last working day of the week preceding the registration week. 
  • If you are using a student loan to pay the tuition fee or the fee for your foreign language contribution, do not forget to record your contract number in Neptun, (in the case of Student Loan 2), and assign it to the item as well. >> Read here about Student Loans

You can find out more about payment options under Payment of tuition fees

Please check carefully that you do not have any active items that are overdue! If an active item remains overdue, this may also prevent you from successfully starting your semester! 

If you skip any of the above steps, you will not be able to register for the semester! 

Subsequent registration 

If you have registered subjects for the semester in Neptun, but have not taken the next step in the system, (specifically, this means that you have failed to click and register your participation with the exact, timetabled courses of that subject), you will automatically be taken for having a passive semester. The Directorate of Education draws your attention to this in a Neptun message. 

In this case, in addition to paying the default fee, you can request your registration for the active semester with a subsequent registration request in the Administration / Applications menu. >> You should submit the application Subsequent registration for the active semester

Conditions for submitting the application: 

  • you have at least one registered subject, 
  • the first instalment of tuition  fee has already been paid, 
  • in the case of a student loan, you have ensured that your contract number has been recorded in Neptun, 
  • in the case of foreign language programme, the first part of your contribution has already been paid. 

If you fail to comply with any of these conditions, you will not be able to submit the application! 

It is IMPORTANT that you pay on-time the default fee issued by Neptun, (the application fee of HUF 3,500). This ensures that you have the correct status to submit applications. Once the deadline for applying for subjects is passed, you can NO longer submit any applications, even if you settle the fee late!