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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Student rules
The general rules for students and their studies are contained in the Student Requirements System (SRS). This includes the basic legal requirements, and complements them with the University’s own rules. 

The curriculum clearly demonstrate what students have to complete in each training course in order to graduate. Part of the curriculum is the sample curriculum (or recommended curriculum), which includes the recommended semester schedule and main characteristics of the subjects. 

Some requirements have separate procedures. These include, for example, the completion of the internship, the preparation of the dissertation or the rules of the final exam. The rules of procedure contain detailed instructions on these. 

Subject topics describe the content of each subject, covering the skills developed by the subjects and the required and recommended literature. Subjects completed elsewhere can be recognized based on this subject topics. 

Subject requirements determine what must be completed to earn a grade in a given subject. This may include different types of tasks during the semester, and / or, the examination period. 

The subject topics and requirements can be found in the Neptun, Coospace and Moodle systems, although their uniform appearance in this systems is under development. 

How strict are the student rules? 

Small deviations from the general rules are sometimes allowed by the rules themselves. This typically occurs when, due to some delay, a deadline is missed, and some additional performance is required. For example, in the case of a late subject admission. In such cases, an application must be submitted and a special procedure fee must be paid. 

We have lifted some of our rules out of legislation, mostly literally. Such as, the fact that after six inadequacies obtained from a subject, a student must be dismissed. (This is required by national higher education law, although not quoted here literally). The BBS may not grant exemptions from legislation. In our regulations, we indicate in the footnotes to the paragraphs if the given paragraph was created by transposing legislation. 

However, we may grant exemptions in the application of our own rules. This may occur in cases that can be justified and are exceptional. You can file an appeal if you are unable to meet any of your obligations through no fault of your own. Often, health or family issues can lead to students experiencing such difficulties.