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BBS Students' page
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Reclassification means switching between types of financing. For state scholarship students, this potentially involves a risk, as reclassification not only loses the scholarship itself, but also additional opportunities (e.g. lower dormitory costs, study scholarships, etc.).

For fee-paying students, however, reclassification is an opportunity to continue studies with a more favourable funding format.

There are three ways to switch between types of funding:

  • based on the programme time,
  • based on a declaration,
  • based on study results.

Based on the programme time

The following students may be reclassified to a form of fee-paying based financing every six months:

  • students who have exhausted all state-funded semesters (currently 12 semesters in higher education, undergraduate and master's total),
  • students who used the programme time + two semesters in a given programme (the programme time is determined by the curriculum of the course).

Based on a declaration

Students who withdraw their declaration of acceptance of the conditions of state-funded programme, should be reclassified as self-funded every six months.

Based on study results

The University - in accordance with the legislation in force - must make the reclassification decision by 31 July of each year. This reclassification may occur once per academic year.

Anyone who started his/her studies in or after the 2016/2017 academic year, must meet two conditions to remain in the state scholarship programme: in the last two active semesters, he/she must have obtained a total of 36 credits and have achieved the weighted study average – according to HKR. If any of these conditions are not met, the student will be reclassified to the fee-paying programme.

The weighted study average required for a state scholarship is a simple arithmetic average of the credit-weighted study average of the last two active semesters.

If you are reclassified on either basis, but you refuse to continue your programme as a fee-paying student, your student status will be terminated.

If a student is reclassified from one form of funding to another, a reclassification in the opposite direction may take place in the following academic year, provided the conditions are met.