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BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Additional fees
In addition to tuition fees, other fees may apply in the case of a state-funded programme.

The system of fees and the rules for the payment of fees are set out in Articles §112-114 of the Student Requirements System. The items can be paid through the Neptun system. Payment of training fees

Please review carefully at HKR what other fees you may incur, when you should pay them, whether you should list them, or whether they will they be handled centrally and itemized to you.

Briefly, we would like to draw your attention to the most common cost-increasing factors.

  • Your studies will be more expensive if you complete them for longer than required. In self-funded training, this means extra semester(s) to be paid, but you also must reckon with additional housing and living costs as a state scholarship holder. Therefore, we recommend that you always plan your studies carefully.
  • If you do not complete a subject, you will need to take it again. This does not benefit the University either, as it requires additional resources. The tuition fee and the state scholarships are set for one-time subject admission, so in the case of re-admissions, you must contribute to our additional costs (subject re-admission fee).
  • Similarly, it follows that if there are fees for re-admission, then there are also fees for re-examinations. Fortunately, there is a concession here and you will not have to pay for the first exam failure. However, after that, the concession ends and a fee must be paid before each further exam, otherwise Neptun will not allow you to take the exam
  • It is also an additional cost for the University if you complete far more credits than is included in your curriculum. A ten percent surplus of credits is still free, but unfortunately, above that, you must pay a credit overrun fee.
  • The situation is similar if you attend training in Hungarian, but want to complete some subjects in a foreign language. Here too, ten percent is the threshold, at which, or below, you do not have to pay the fee for taking the subject in a foreign language. Please note that language courses and subjects completed during part-time study abroad, are not included in ‘subjects completed in a foreign language’.
  • You will have to pay an omission fee if you do not meet any deadline. In addition to this, missing a deadline ensures that some administrative procedures have to be undertaken. Such procedures may require quite a lot of extra work, so procedural fees must also be paid.