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Students' page

BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Your semester status can be active or passive. You can submit the following requests to change this: 
  • Enrolment request 
  • You will need to enrol once during your studies, specifically at the beginning of your studies by completing this application: >> HERE 
  • Termination of student status 
  • If you do not want to continue your studies in the given programme. 
  • Passivation request for extraordinary reason 
  • Due to changes in your living conditions, you can request that your semester status becomes passive at the beginning of the semester, or at the latest by the end of the semester. 
  • Post-registration for active semester 
  • If you are participating in a state-funded programme, have registered a subject for the semester, but have not registered for the semester, you can also do it with this application. 
  • If you are participating in a self-funded programme, you can only submit this application after the period of course selection, and if you have paid the first part of the tuition fee. 

Subsequent passivation (withdrawal of active status) 

  • If you have registered for an active semester, you have the option to cancel your activation for 30 days after registration if this is justified by a change in your living conditions.