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BBS Students' page

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BBS Students' page
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Doing sports
The BBS Physical Education and Sports Centre was established, among other things, to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Based on current trends and student needs, every year we offer more opportunities for sport, and, within the framework of physical education courses, we offer a wider variety of the types of activity available. In addition to physical education classes, we also place great emphasis on extracurricular activities. Students at our university regularly participate in national and international tournaments, where they usually achieve excellent results. They are assisted in their preparation by physical education teachers and coaches in all three of our faculties. We pay special attention to our athletes studying at our university, for whom we have developed a mentoring system. It also helps students to reconcile everyday sports with their studies. 

We believe in the unifying and cohesive power of physical activity, so we systematically organize faculty and university-wide events. In addition to home tournaments, we also organize university sports days, sports circles, tours and performances so that as many people as possible can learn about how their bodies work and develop a passion for leading a more active life. Thanks to these ever-increasing student and staff activities, the palette is becoming more colourful and varied. 

In addition to physical health, we also pay attention to mental health. We also hold reception hours and counselling in several areas to maintain mental health. 

We consider it important that sport reaches everyone, which is why we teach physical education in several languages, including English, in the faculties of our university. Our students who have already completed the obligatory physical education course, are happy to return to our classes. 


We regularly inform our students and staff about the opportunity provided by the Centre. 

Our Facebook group also contains useful information.

Contact to the Centre: 

You can find more information about opportunities on our faculties below: