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Request for credit recognition

Applying for Credit Recognition

If you have previously completed a subject in another programme that is (or one similar to it is) included in the curriculum of your current programme, you can initiate a credit recognition application. If successful, you will have less credit obligations to fulfill within your current curriculum.

The procedure has two parts: 1.) equivalency test, 2.) credit transfer.

In the equivalency test, we look at how well the knowledge you have previously acquired matches the knowledge of the subject in your current curriculum. We do this by comparing themes as outlined in the two syllabi. The results of the study will be included in Neptun's equivalency database, meaning that these two topics will no longer need to be compared.

A credit transfer is about whether you want to use an existing (= fixed in the Neptun system) equivalency. It is possible that you may have earned credits on a subject before, but the mark you received for that subject was not good and you don’t want to lower your GPA with that - so you don’t ask for a credit transfer- but rather you will take the subject again.

The steps for recognition are as follows:

  1. See if there is an accepted equivalency between the subject(s) you completed and the subject(s) you want to to be recognized (trigger). You can find this by entering the Neptun interface under Information / Subject Recognition. It is important that equivalency is checked by subject codes - the identity or similarity of subject names does not in itself mean equivalency,
  2. If you do not find an equivalency decision for the subject you want to be recognized, you will need to submit a credit equivalency application.
  3. If a positive decision has been made on your application, you can already submit a credit transfer application. In this case, there is no review, the credits will be credited to you.


credit equivalency application:

1-30. September, 2021

credit transfer application:

1. September - 30. November, 2021