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Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Foreign Language Examination Centre

Address: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 9-11. fszt. 24.

Phone: +36 1 374 6295


Useful Information

Contact information for exam locations can be viewed here. 

The Language Examination Center welcomes interested inquiries during customer service hours

The website of the Language Examination Center is available here. 


BBS LEC operates the following four examination systems: 

  • monolingual business communication, 
  • bilingual tourism-hospitality, 
  • bilingual business and 
  • bilingual finance 
  • technical language examination system

Mediation skills are also measured in bilingual exams, therefore, the Hungarian language is an integral part of these exams. Exams in all three exam systems 

  • oral (consisting of speech comprehension and oral exam), 
  • written (consisting of an examination section) and 
  • complex (consisting of oral, speech comprehension and written exam sections) 

Can be of these three types and can be done on three levels: 

  • basic level (B1), 
  • intermediate level (B2) and 
  • at the highest level (C1). 

The structure of monolingual and bilingual exams is different. The exams of the three bilingual examination systems are formally identical, but their content and vocabulary are focused on the given major. The topics of each professional language examination system can be read here », and the description of the examination tasks of the examination systems here». The sample tasks for each exam system can be downloaded here ». 

From the eight languages accredited by BBS LEC, the following languages can be selected in each professional language examination system: 

  • Business communication: English and German, 
  • Business: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese (so all eight), 
  • Tourism-hospitality: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, 
  • Finance: English and German. 

The Language Examination Center organizes three examination periods a year. A tabular summary of the exams that can be taken can be viewed here ». 

«Lists of recommended literature for each topic, as well as preparatory courses organized by institutions related to BBS LEC can help you prepare for the exam. » 

The rules for participating in the exams are detailed in the exam regulations. The most important information about the written exams can be found here »and about the oral exams here». 

The exam is successful if the candidate obtains 60% of the total score and a minimum score of 40% for each specific skill (in the case of a language test, the result is not 0 points). In the case of a complex exam, it is not necessary to achieve 60% in the written and oral parts separately in order for the complex exam to be successful. If a candidate applies for a complex examination and fails either their oral or written examination, but their score for one of the sections is enough and their result per skill receives a minimum score of 40%, then they will receive an oral or written type certificate. Summary tables of scores required to pass the different levels and types of exams can be found here ». 

BBS LEC organizes three examination periods per year. The related deadlines and the possible exams therein will be published on its website one year in advance. 

BBS LEC's exam systems are open, so anyone who has reached the age of 14 can apply for their bilingual exams. Accordingly, the Examination Center also allows applications from persons with special needs (e.g. disabled people) and non-Hungarian native speakers. 

Applying for the exams becomes valid by providing the required information for the exam and by paying the examination fee. The data can be entered online on the relevant website of the Examination Center. It is possible to pay the exam fee by credit card payment or bank transfer. Detailed information regarding the exam fee and payment options can be found here ». 


Information on how to apply for the exam (how, for what, where,for how long and what information is important) can be found here. 

A summary table of all exams announced in the current exam period can be found here. The Examination Center reserves the right not to organize an originally announced examination at an examination center or nationwide in the event of an insufficient number of applicants. In addition, the Center may subsequently announce an accredited examination that was not originally included in the original list

Candidates will find the exact location and time of the exams (the exam schedule) on their online application interface at the pre-announced time. The Center will not send special written notification by post. 

An examination which was originally announced and organized due to a sufficient number of candidates, may be postponed until a certain deadline or may be permanently withdrawn. The rules for postponement and withdrawal can be read here. 

Each candidate will receive a brief email informing him / her of the result of their exam (successful or unsuccessful) by the 30th day after the first exam event of the exam period. Detailed exam results can be viewed on the candidates' online application interface. The Examination Center will issue a bilingual language examination certificate for successful examinations within 60 days of the examination event, and will not send a separate written notice of a successful examination. Certificates can be picked up at a time announced in advance in the exam calendar, or will be mailed at that time. The process of issuing the certificate can be sped up if the candidate waives his / her right to review the results on the interface after the announcement of the results. The Examination Center may not issue an official certificate of successful examination until the completion of the certificate due to legal regulations. Other information about the certificate can be »read here. 


Within 15 calendar days of the announcement of the result, a request for review may be made with reference to the assessment of the examination, an infringement of the law or a numerical error in the calculation of the results. Read more about the review process here


The Examination Center allows its candidates to view their papers (which is designed to eliminate possible numerical and administrative errors) as well as to provide professional advice on their performance and possible future preparation. Information on viewing and consulting can be found here. 

Head of Centre

Head of Foreign Language Examination Centre


Senior Language Examination Associate

Senior Language Examination Administrator
  • Office: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány utca 9-11.
  • Phone: +36 1 374-6200
  • Internal extension: 295; 381
  • E-mail: