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BBS Students' page
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Budapest Business School
Exam Period
The exam period is the 6-week period, following the study period in the university calendar. During this period you can take the exams of the courses that you have studied.


You can apply for an exam 3 weeks before the start of the exam period, and you can find the exact information about this in the Calendar of the Faculty.

Regarding the exams, please note the following: 

  • If you are unable to attend an exam, please cancel it no later than 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged an absence fee. This fee is a ‘reminder’ that you, by your absence, have unnecessarily taken an exam space from your fellow students. If you can give good reason for your absence and provide proof of this within five days to the Student Services Offices (HSZO), you do not have to pay this fee. 
  • You can take exams three times per course in one semester. This includes the exam you take in the registration period before the start of the semester. In the case of a mark for coursework, you have two opportunities to improve them, via two retaken exams in one semester (if the course performance requirements allow it.)
  • The opportunity for three exams per course does not mean that you are given three test opportunities in all circumstances. For example, if there is an exam scheduled for the last examination time available, and you decide to take this exam, and it is your first attempt at taking this exam, you cannot expect the department to give you one or two more opportunities if you fail. The only duty of the department is to provide as many exam opportunities as possible throughout the exam period, including retries. So if you believe that a specific exam is going to be difficult, try to apply for this exam on one of the first dates available.   
  • Keep in mind that if you collect six insufficient marks for a course, we will have to dismiss you from the course (as required by law). This can happen if you obtain three insufficient marks in a course during the first semester, and then obtain further three insufficient marks for the same course in the second semester. This is because the insufficient marks must be added up for each course. 
  • After completing your exams, check in Neptun if all your marks have been registered and no mistakes have been made. If you see a deficiency or discrepancy, report it to the Directorate of Educational Services (at HSZO) as soon as possible. 

You can find out more about the exam application HERE.