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Language learning

Why study a language for business communication at BBS? 

The high-level, foreign language skills you can acquire from BBS's language courses for business communication, will help you to use the language confidently and effectively in a business environment. In our courses, we not only develop the language skills needed for finding employment and for working in specialised fields, but we also help you in your subsequent studies and professional development, and further assist you in obtaining the 21st century skills that employers expect. 

Our trainers focus on the language exam requirements and prepare and teach lessons accordingly. We successfully prepare you for the language exam in our courses! 


What languages for business communication can you learn at BBS? 

You can learn languages for business communication that are appropriate to your field of study, such as economics, business administration, tourism and hospitality, communication, media, commerce, marketing, international relations, international economic relations, IT, human resources and finance-accounting. However, you should check whether a language course, combined with the specific technical language that is relevant to your program, has been advertised. 


What foreign languages to choose from? 

We teach English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Hungarian as foreign languages (for our international students). It is important to know that our faculties have different languages on offer: depending on which faculty you go to, you can choose from that faculty’s current range of languages. 

If you also want to take a language exam, you may want to plan your language studies with the longer term in mind. The BBS Foreign Language Examination Centre advertises monolingual language exams for business communication, and bilingual language exams for business communication, also for tourism and hospitality. 


What methods and curricula are used to teach the language for business communication at BBS? 

We strive to create an experience-based, motivational learning environment, where you can not only gain appropriate language knowledge, but also experience the benefits of successfully using your language skills actively, via interesting, practice-oriented activities. 

Be assured that we are waiting for you with innovative teaching materials and up-to-date professional topics. 


What other courses are availabe in foreign language?

You can also take foreign language courses that combine skills development courses, such as presentation and writing skills development, business communication, intercultural communication, learning methodology, research methodology, negotiation techniques and career development. All of these will help you in your studies and also in your subsequent job. 

Who is helping me to plan my studies of foreign languages at Budapest Business School?

The slides below will help you plan your studies of foreign languages at our University. We kindly draw your attention that the Institute of Foreign Languages and Communication also advertises a range of skills development purpose courses in foreign languages.

For further information, choose the Faculty you are studying at and open the corresponding slide show.





What other university activities can I develop and use my language skills in? 

Scholarships from Erasmus+, CEEPUS and Campus Mundi, as well as the Oriental Business and Innovation Center, which you can include in your studies, provide an excellent opportunity to study courses in a foreign language abroad. 

Many international students also study at our university. University community life and various programs provide an excellent opportunity to meet international students and to apply what you have learned in language courses into real life situations and conversations with them. 

You can also write your student research society work or your application for the National Student Research Society Conference in a foreign language (English). 

You can also test yourself in foreign language case study competitions, and also in the foreign language sections of the annual presentation competitions. 


For more information please visit the website of the relevant language for business communication department or contact the department. 

For more information, visit on FCHT the Department of Languages for Business Communication, 

on FIMB the Department of Languages for International Business, 

on FFA the Department of Languages for Finance and Business. 



You can read more about the BBS Foreign Language Examination Centre HERE.