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BBS Students' page
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Budapest Business School
Equity application
You can apply for equity in matters relating to your study and aspects of your examinations. However, you cannot apply for equity regarding assessment of study requirements. 


Applications for equity can be submitted to: 

  • the Dean of the given Faculty 
  • or, after exhausting this option, to the Rector of the University. 


  • Equity application to the Dean 
  • You can request this only once during your studies. In study matters, it can only be submitted if you have been unable to fulfil any of your study or examination obligations through no fault of your own. The reasons must be properly documented. 
  • Request for fairness to the Rector 
  • You can only initiate this, after the request for equity to the Dean has been exhausted. However, if a request for equity, sent to the Dean, has been rejected, and a decision has been made, you cannot resubmit the same request to the Rector.