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BBS Students' page
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QD qualification of the diploma

The University issues a diploma for completing your higher educational studies successfully. This is a public document certifying the higher education and vocational qualification in Hungarian and English or in the language of the training, which will be issued to you after the successful final examination. It is also required that you complete the language requirements and language examination specified in the curriculum.  

After the successful final exam, your diploma and the accompanying diploma supplement will be issued within 30 days by the University, in accordance with the legal requirements.  THe diploma is presented to our students in the frame of the Diploma Ceremony organised by the faculty.  If you cannot attend the ceremony, you can get your Diploma at the Student Services Offices. 


The diploma supplement certifies in a specific form and content, in Hungarian and English, what knowledge, skills and competencies you acquired during your studies, and it also provides information on the level of education and examination results. 


You will still receive a diploma after passing the final examination in Short-cycle Vocational programme (FOSZK), however this is a training that results in a higher vocational qualification, which does not certify an independent level of education. 


We will issue a diploma to you: 

  • if you have passed the final exam, 
  • you have completed the language requirements specified in the training and output requirements of the course (you have the required language exam) 

A description of the calculation of the diploma qualification can be found in the training curriculum.  

You can find information about the language requirements for the issuance of a diploma in the Curriculum.

If you do not already have the language requirements specified in the curriculum of your course, the diploma will be issued to you as soon as you meet this requirement. 

You must present a document (language exam certificate, etc.) that meets the language exam requirements to the Student Services Department of your Faculty. 

The University will issue you the diploma, diploma supplement and the main form within 30 days of the presentation. You can pick up the documents at the Student Services Department.