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Student organizations

Organisations and communities of FCHT

As in all higher educational institutions, our Faculty also has a Student Union (HÖK), whose members are drawn from among the Faculty's students.

Our task is very diverse, but the most prominent part is representing the interests of students attending BBS’ FCHT, answering their questions, and providing information about the university and higher education in general. Our aim is to make everyday life easier and to form a link between students and the university's lecturers and management.

We organise various information sessions and have office hours so that you can personally ask us your questions about scholarships or your studies. In addition, we are available to help you with any questions regarding all areas of university life, and we will accompany you throughout your years here with us.

In addition to all this, we try to make everyday life at the university more colourful and exciting with countless programmes and events, such as the popular Freshman Camp, the Freshman Ball, KVIKNIK in the spring, and many other exciting performances and not-to-miss community-building events. We want to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to find your true university community and even make life-long friendships.

Currently, the Student Union has more than 60 members who are continuously working to make this all possible. Within the organisation, we work in sections, which are managed by the presidential agent or co-ordinator responsible for the given section. We are constantly expanding and developing both ourselves and the organisation so that we can represent student interests in the best way possible.

The Student Union has a decision-making body called the Delegate Assembly. It currently consists of 23 persons and their mandate is for one year. You, that is, the students of the Faculty, chose the current representatives based on their tender applications, for which we thank you!

Two other Faculty committees are closely related to our organisation, and they also work every day to protect the interests of students to the maximum. They are the Dormitory Committee (KOB) and the Student Welfare Committee (DJB), and you can read detailed information about them below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Our contact details:

Our office is located in the Alkotmány Street building, Room 108/A.

Phone: +361 374-6221 or +361 374-6245 or +361 374-6246




Further information on the site of FCHT Student Union >>>

The Faculty's Student Welfare Committee (DJB) currently consists of 5 persons.

The work of the Student Welfare Committee is complex, as we are responsible for nearly 80% of the scholarships that are available to be applied for. We are in extremely close co-operation with the university management and the Student Union.

Our tasks include the following:

• judging performance-based scholarships and determining their order

• assessment and opinions of social-based scholarships

In addition to these tasks, we also deal with:

  • issuing of tenders
  • office hours and giving lectures
  • commenting on appeal cases
  • handling student problems and comments
  • describing the application tender conditions for the scholarships

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, as there is no such thing as a bad question! We try to respond to all questionable situations that arise!

Our contact details:


In person: Alkotmány Street building, Room 108/A (Student Union office)

More details on the Faculty DJB page!

The Dormitory Committee is a body of 7 persons. The 7 main student members are elected by the dormitory assembly directly from amongst the dormitories, and the members are appointed for 2 years.

The dormitory is therefore managed by a body elected by the general assembly, i.e. the Dormitory Committee, which is responsible to the general assembly.

Within the authority of the committee is the power to give opinions on all matters affecting students, and to participate in making decisions on such matters.

Tasks of the Dormitory Committee:

  • The Dormitory Committee prepares and presents the Dormitory House Rules and the annual work and event plan to the General Assembly. You can make proposals for these, as well as for the structure of local government bodies and dormitory requirements.
  • The Committee supervises compliance with the Operating Regulations and the House Rules of the Dormitory.
  • As a member of the Dormitory Admission Committee (KFB), they decide on the admission of students to the dormitory.
  • The Committee provides for the use of grants received from the Student Union and other legal entities, and suggests uses for the remainder of funds from other sources.
  • It is also responsible for organising cultural, sport, and professional events for the students.
  • The events of the Dormitory Committee are provided by sponsors through tenders and grants received from the university budget.

President: Anna Kiss

More details on the Faculty KOB page!

The goal of the Károly Gundel Business Students’ Academic Society is that in addition to the knowledge acquired in classes, its members also acquire a deeper level of expertise that they can use later in their careers.

They test their skills in both local and foreign competitions, but the organisation of team-building and professional programmes is also an integral part of their everyday life.

If you feel that there is more in you and you want to get the most out of your university years, join us!

Our contact details:

Office: Alkotmány Street building, ground floor, room 34.




Further information on the site of FCHT Gundel Károly Business Students' Academic Society >>>

AIESEC is an international youth organization that provides opportunities for students in more than 120 countries around the world. We want to help you to discover and develop your abilities, skills and participate in projects that can have a positive impact on the economy and society. In the meantime, our goal is to enable students to become responsible leaders of the future by the knowledge and experiences gained this way. If you want to be part of an inspiring community, wish to boost your CV or would like to do your internship abroad, AIESEC can help you with all of these! 

Contact us: 

Address: Alkotmány Street 9-11. Room 123. 



Further information on the site of FCHT AIESEC >>>

Agy-A-Lap has been the magazine for BBS’ FCHT students since 1990. The paper is usually published monthly online.

Our contact details:

Alkotmány Street building, Ground Floor, Room 34. 



Further information on the site of FCHT Agy-A-Lap (journal) >>>

First class seat on your career flight!

The name obliges. And why is that?

The Tourism Club of BBS is a student organisation, in which its company-like structure and outstanding professional partners, helps its members prepare for the workplace challenges ahead of them, and provides them with practical, tangible knowledge that will help them stand out in the labour market.

Furthermore, our goal is to show you what opportunities the tourism sector has to offer, so that during your university years, you can look around to see which areas interest you the most from among the rather broad and diverse employment opportunities.

Join us and get the most out of your university studies!

Our contact details:







Further information on the site of website of Tourism Club of BGE >>>

Organisations and communities of FFA

The Student Union is the student advocacy body. Consequently, their primary task is to protect the interests of students. In addition, they include members of the Student Welfare Committee, who deal with the evaluation of applications and scholarships. However, their work is much more than this. On the one hand, they deal with the students who approach them in person, and on the other hand, they convey the problems and questions affecting the entire student body to the management of the University. They also organise and conduct the famous FFA freshman camp, as well as mid-year parties, pub tours and other entertaining programmes. If you want to belong here, development and fun are guaranteed.

The name says it all, and the members of the Budapest Business Club are all aware of this.

It is no coincidence, then, that if we find something that has to do with business at the university, we know this three-letter student organisation is likely behind it.

If you enjoy taking marketing courses or perhaps you would like try your hand in an HR capacity, or sales job, or have always wanted to organise an event, and you would like to do all this together in a great team atmosphere, then look no further, you’ve found the best place. The most important activity of the BBC is the co-ordination of the Talent Programme. Within the framework of this programme they focus on the development of members with the help of supporting partner companies.

Get creative, fill out the application test, attach your CV and prepare yourself for a cheerful, but serious conversation, and perhaps you could be the new member of the freshman camp of the BBC.

"The world's largest student organisation created by young people." How good does that sound? When it comes to volunteering with respect to global issues, this organisation welcomes applicants worldwide. If you do your internship abroad, you can certainly count on their help.

"To make the world a better place and to help others." Are you interested in the problems of the world, would you like to be involved in their solutions? If you would like to develop your problem-solving skills, practice foreign languages, utilise your acquired knowledge in the real world, or help others with your experience, it is worth applying to be part of this organisation. If you would like to building excellent foreign relations, and be part of an inclusive, great group of people, all you have to do is apply during the membership period.

The Lámfalussy Sándor Students’ Academic Society provides all the opportunities for a student in the FFA, with which he/she can increase their knowledge and professional development during their university years within a very good community. Our student organisation supports the University's efforts to provide our members with truly practical and active knowledge through courses, workshops, as well as both domestic and international case study competitions. In our five committees you will be able to experience what it’s like to organise professional lectures, team-building activities, and high quality Hungarian case study competitions. And if you communicate well and have great negotiation skills, you can take advantage of these skills during discussions and negotiations with companies. In addition to knowledge and development, you will be a member of a community that can build relationship capital through team-building, freshman camps, and study trips. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us and soon you too can become a member of a Students’ Academic Society!

Their aim is to provide students with lectures and professional programmes that help them transfer their theoretical knowledge into practice by processing current and well-known topics. Through its activities, this FFA organsation helps its members to bridge the challenges between being a student and becoming a professional. Everyone in this organisation can deliver outstanding performance by finding their own area of expertise. Here you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the details of project management, event organisation, organisational communication, marketing strategy, human resource management, CSR, and PR, among others. And that's only the beginning! You will also have the opportunity to be in touch with companies like Coca-Cola, Red-Bull, Sziget Ltd., and many others. This FFA organisation gives you the opportunity to get more out of your university years!

"You don't just live, you shape." These words perfectly formulate what it means to belong to the Dormitory Committee.

This is the student organisation that facilitates, helps, and supports the fate of college students, and in addition, it also organises a number of dormitory events.

The members of the committee also live in the dormitory so they know exactly what a student living there might need at any given time. The organisation is quite familial, and they do their best to make the dormitory a place like home.

If you would like to be a part of this committee, all you have to do is be a dormitory resident and wait for Dormitory Committee to organise their new members admission. Then you must write a motivational cover letter and it’s up to the dormitory students whether you are accepted or not. It’s worth a try!

Organisations and communities of FIMB

The Faculty of International Management and Business is unique nationwide due to the large number and the diversity of student organisations and activities. In total, across 11 student organisations, there are hundreds of us who are setting up interesting and exciting programmes to help our fellow students during their studies. As we take part in this “student organisational” work, we gain valuable experience in the fields of scientific research, journalism, international trade and relations, as well as preparing ourselves to spend our professional internship with either a Hungarian or international company. We welcome all FIMB students to join us!

AIESEC is the largest student organisation in the world and the third largest non-profit organisation. It was first formed in 7 countries after the Second World War, and today we can proudly say that we are present in 128 countries! The original objective was to enable young people to become acquainted with the corporate world up close, thus gaining experience in addition to their studies. Our activities include developing various promotions, organising and conducting conferences, and liaising with our partners. As a member of AIESEC, you will have the chance to practice and improve your communication and teamwork skills! Many of our conferences and events are held in English, so it is also an excellent opportunity to practice a foreign language. Our members can even give it a try abroad as part of a voluntary internship program.

You can find our office in D. F. 08, but we are also on INSTA!

The Student Union is the alpha and omega of solving problems and representing your interests! Whether it is a question with respect to your studies, administration, student welfare or even events, we are here to help you find an answer for you! You can read more about our activities under the Student Advocacy menu point!

Our office is located at D.F. Room 06, and you can also reach us at:



Kanyar is the student paper of the Faculty of International Management and Business, which was founded in 1994. Our goal is to convey a broad, open-minded approach, therefore with the exception of the actual printing work, everything else is done by the students. Our editorial staff consists of journalists, proofreaders/editors, graphic designers, advertising sales, and photographers. We guarantee that everyone can find the job that best suits them. As part of the team, we have the opportunity to unleash our creativity and individuality to create a truly diverse newspaper. The current publication is always available for free from the Kanyar office!


Our office: E. I. 30, and our e-mail address:




The Mátyásföld Dormitory Committee helps the smooth operations of dormitory life, the development of a harmonious community, and the integration of new college students. We take care of maintaining order, we help to solve student problems, and we represent the interests of the students. Our main tasks include co-ordinating the dormitory admissions, as well as the processes of moving in and out, room scheduling, and room control. We organise programmes to make college life more colorful and diverse so that a real, collaborative community can be created in the dormitory: whether it is a freshman inauguration, in-house cinema during the „get aquainted” evening, or autumn-winter excursions.

You can find our office on the fourth floor of the Dormitory in Mátyásföld.



Our Faculty’s “athletic” student organisation is responsible for leisure programs, be it sports or even cultural programmes. We organise fun and team-building events that are open to all students, not just our members. Soccer championships, basketball championships, airsoft, and beer-pong tournaments are just a few examples of why it is a good idea to follow us and see what fun we are up to next. Our goal is to enliven the often stressful lives of students, and give them an opportunity to use our colorful programmes as a way of making new friends and enhancing relationships.

Our office is located at D. F. 42.

Our email address is:



The Miklós Káldor Students’ Academic Society was founded in 2011, with the aim of enabling interested students to acquire deeper knowledge in addition to their university studies. The most talented college students have the opportunity to participate in both domestic and international competitions. We place great emphasis on participation in the Student Research Societies (TDK) Conference, which includes workshops on such topics every semester. In addition, we regularly organise a wide variety of conferences and discussions. In addition to professionalism, there is of course, a strong emphasis on community and social responsibility. As members of an academic society, we work as a cohesive team of friends in all situations!

Our office is located at D. F. 11, and our e-mail:



The FIMB Online student organisation edits the online magazine of the Faculty of International Management and Business at BBS every year. We provide a wealth of information about student life, so in this interface you will find everything you need to succeed and survive during your university years with us. You can read interesting content on various topics in our articles. We try to present student life realistically with the help of videos and photos. We have developed our current profile based on the 18 years of experience of the editorial office, hoping that in addition to making their university years memorable, we will also pass on a lot of useful information to our fellow students.

Our office is located at E. I. 27.




The Mentoring Center was established to provide assistance to students studying at the Faculty of International Management and Business, in both academic matters and everyday life. We also organise diploma and specialisation briefings, skills development trainings and provide assistance within the framework of the “FIMB Mirror” programme series. Our members are responsible for helping those foreign students who are studying here with a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship, and for helping and supporting disadvantaged students in co-operation with the Career Office.

Our office is located at D. F. 14, and our e-mail is:



The Youth Committee of the Hungarian Economic Association (MKT) at BBS Faculty of International Management and Business was established in 2000. The goal of our organisation is to integrate into the professional life of young people who have a special interest in economic-related topics. We consider it important that interested students have access to all extra-curricular information during the lectures, roundtables and events we organise, which will help them to expand their professional knowledge now, and can be used later in their real-world business lives.

Our office is located at E. F. 56, and our e-mail address is:



What exactly is Xchange? No, not the University's money changer! This student organisation helps students from abroad to solve both their university and everyday problems. Our main goal is to enhance the university life of foreign students and make it more enjoyable and complete, with the help of as many different activities as possible. Such programmes include the Welcome Party, the Goodbye Dinner, pub tours, international dinner evenings, joint cinema evenings, repesentation of Budapest through exciting games, short excursions within Hungary, and even longer trips abroad. In addition to practicing foreign languages on a daily basis, you can forge great, new international friendships. You will also have the opportunity to taste the world of Erasmus, which can come in handy if at some point you are considering studying abroad.

Our office is located in K. I. 07, and our e-mail address is:



The Youth Enrichment Society (YES) is a student organisation of the University that employs both Foreign and Hungarian students. Our goal is to train young leaders who are able to think critically, globally, and in detail about the environment and society around them. The official language of our student organisation is English, and we also try to actively develop the language skills of all our members. At our English-language events, students can practice their communication skills in front of an audience and also gain event management competence in a multicultural environment.

Our office is located at D. F. 05, and our email address is: