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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
BBS FFA Hall of Residence

The student residence block constructed in 1982 and inaugurated in 1984 was commissioned by the then College of Finance and Accountancy and the Foreign Trade College.

The Hall of Residence Committee (KOB) is charged with governing the life of students in the residence between two general meetings. This nine-member committee carries out basic service provisions, nurtures hall of residence traditions and supplies other services (students can read about upcoming events on the Hall of Residence Facebook page).

The close contact established with state and business leadership of the university/faculty is one of the central pillars ensuring that this residence accommodation grows and develops. With due consideration to the opinions of KOB, we devote considerable attention to the repairs, renovations and development concepts. The issue of the provision of quality is an important aspect for us, which we constantly monitor and keep up to date with the help of forums and surveys in addition to seeking the opinion of the local government. 

Besides assisting with regard to internships of students, we also strive to provide accommodation for college students wishing to work in Budapest over the summer (July - August).

We are confident that the hall of residence offers both students and guests optimal opportunities.

  • Per capita net monthly average income
  • Special certificates
  • Distance between the residence of the student and the place of learning
  • Study results/entrance examination points
  • Results of scientific, professional activities
  • Public, community and sporting activities

The building, located in the heart of the Zugló district on Bagolyvár Street, provides a pleasant environment for 374 students allowing them enjoy stress-free relaxation, productive learning and cultured leisure.

Basic services provide residents with washing and cooking facilities plus online access for each student.

In addition, the management of the hall of residence tries to help solve the accommodation problems of distance-learning students with high-quality guest rooms during periods of consultation. Furthermore, our institution also receives foreign students on Erasmus exchanges

Pursuant to Annex 1. of the prevailing Requirement System for Students of the Budapest Business School:

Three-bed rooms

  • state-financed/state scholarship students: HUF 9320/month,
  • fee-paying/self-financed/part state scholarship students: HUF 20,970/month.

Two-bed rooms

  • tate financed/state scholarship students: HUF 11,650/month,
  • fee-paying/self-financed/part state scholarship students: HUF 23,300/month.
  • With hall of residence students for hall of residence students.’
With hall of residence students for hall of residence students...

Address: 1148 Budapest, Bagolyvár u. 6 -10.

Telephone: 06 (1) 469-6679