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BBS Students' page

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BBS Students' page
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Budapest Business School
Exam application
Completion of the courses taken can be achieved by obtaining a mark for coursework or an exam, depending on what the curriculum defines in relation to the given course. If a course ends with an exam (colloquium), you must apply for one of the exam dates announced by the department.

You can apply for the exam in the Neptun system for a specified period before the start of the exam period, which is defined in the schedule of the department. Before the start of the exam period, a reminder is sent to you in order to ensure that you do not forget to apply. This also helps you plan and create the best timing of your exams that suits your schedule and needs. 


During the exam period, you can only apply for exams if you do not have an expired (active) financial item. After entering Neptun, select the Exams/Exam Application option. Here you will find the exam dates announced by the departments, from which one must be chosen for each subject. 

Rules to be aware of before you apply for the exams: 

  • The first two exams are free, but there is an exam fee for each additional exam. If you need to retake a course, the number of exams will be added up.  
  • The exam application can be modified / cancelled up to 24 hours before the exam. 
  • Successful and unsuccessful exams can be improved under the conditions regulated in the Student Requirement System. 
  • You can only apply for an exam if the specific course has been taken by you before.  

Based on the evaluation of your semester work, the instructor can offer a so-called “Offered Mark”. If you accept it in Neptun, the course will be completed. Your acceptance is optional. If you do not accept the offered mark, you must apply for an exam, otherwise the course will end without evaluation or will be listed as non-completed in Neptun. 

If you have successfully passed an exam, this will be indicated in Neptun by a green check mark next to the subject name.