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Students' page

BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School

University costs are a great financial burden for many families. The BBS seeks in a number of ways to help ensure that no one is left out of higher education for financial reasons. Several scholarships have been set up for talented students in different fields, and scholarships can also be applied for based on academic and social needs. In addition, there are discounts for students studying in the form of self-funded funding. 

At the Budapest Business School, the system of student tuition and social allowances and benefits is regulated by Decree 51/2007 on the allowances and certain allowances to be paid by higher education students. (III. 26.) on the basis of the Government Decree and the provisions of the Decree. According to the regulations, students can receive the following benefits. 


Scholarships provided by the state 

National Higher Education Scholarship HKR § 91 

A scholarship that you can apply for if you have outstanding academic results or do outstanding work in a professional field. 

More info here.


Institutional scholarships 

Support for sports activities HKR. § 107 

The HTJB decides on the support of sports activities with the consent of the student self-government, stating that sports activities include, in particular, activities organised or provided to students within the framework of higher education, providing exercise, sports, competition, healthy lifestyle education and lifestyle counselling. 

More information here.


Graduation scholarship 

The Graduation Chance Increasing Scholarship aims to increase the graduation chances of the Budapest Business School (hereinafter: the University) with the help of the grant, thus reducing drop-out rates. The scholarship is open to high-performing, disadvantaged students residing in the beneficiary area (convergence regions). (The beneficiary area in all regions of Hungary except the Central Hungary Region (Pest County and Budapest).) The scholarship allows to reduce the residence, income and other socio-social disadvantages and increase the chances of well-performing students in this situation. to obtain a degree. 

More information in the call for proposals.

Extraordinary social scholarship

The statement is available for students of Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Hungarian citizenship at the link below.


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