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BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
The internship is the part of the training that provides an opportunity for the student to synthesise the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired at the university, to participate in solving specific professional tasks in the workplace and job corresponding to the studies, and to apply his knowledge in practice. 

The recommended timing of the semester-related internship required in the training and output requirements, the conditions for starting it, and the performance requirements are specified in the curriculum. 

The application for the internship, the conduct and evaluation of the internship are regulated by a separate procedure for each discipline and training level, which can be found on the faculty websites. 

During the internship, students seek an internship independently - partly on the basis of the University's existing labour market relations and collaborations, partly by finding a new partner through current internship opportunities at the university, and through professional events - in which the Departments and Career Offices their staff work closely together to help them. 

The internships are organised and coordinated by the staff of the Career and Alumni Office, in cooperation with the staff of the Departments, and the evaluation of the internship is carried out by the internship supervisor and the departmental consultant/internship supervisor. 

The entire process of internships is monitored in the Online Career Platform and Form Completion System, which aims to significantly reduce the time required for relationship management and administrative processes by leveraging state-of-the-art technical capabilities. 

The online platform can be divided into two major areas: 

  • online form filling system 
  • career platform 

The purpose of the online form filling system is to ensure that the full internship administration is completed online. 

The purpose of the online form filling system is to complete the entire internship administration process online, to make the process paperless, to make the process of filling out internship forms uniform and regulated, and to avoid incorrect completion. 

And the Career Platform is a virtual arena where companies and students' labour market offers and needs can find each other, and companies can advertise job opportunities, project work and internships for BBS students. 

Career Platform contact: 

For more information about the internship, you can help the staff of the Career and Alumni Offices of the faculties at the following contacts, or contact the Head of the Career and Alumni Office of Veronika Kovács at the e-mail address and/or at the phone number 469-6759. 

FIMB Career and Alumni Office

Internship at BBS FCHT

FFA Career and Alumni Office 

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