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Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Submitting Formal Requests
When you are faced with a situation in which you are unable to act in accordance with the general rules, you may need to submit a formal request application. The same is true for when you wish to change a circumstance in relation to your studies. For example, when you are unable to apply for a course, due to all of the places being full, or when you want to change your student status from being ‘full-time’ to ‘correspondence’.   

There are several types of applications at our university, and you can read more about them under Applications [link]. Submission of the application 

Applications must be submitted in the Neptun system on the specified interface. 

You can find the deadline for submitting each application either on the University's website, on the Neptun's entry page, or under the Latest News. 

If the application is subject to a fee, you can only submit the application after the procedural fee has been paid. Please note that if the application deadline expires in the meantime, the system will no longer allow you to submit your application, even if you have paid the fee! Also, be careful to ensure that your application has been sent, and not simply saved as a draft! 

You can withdraw your submitted application up to the point where any meaningful decision is made. 

If an application has been rejected or a tender has not been won, you have the right to appeal the decision (except for fairness claims). Before appealing, however, please note that during the second-instance proceedings, we examine whether the first-instance decision was lawful. For example, if your scholarship application is rejected because you did not submit a mandatory attachment in time, even though you replace that attachment during the second instance process, we will not be considered.