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Dissertation/project work
At the end of your studies, in accordance with the curriculum, a project work / dissertation has to be written and submitted on a training-related topic. This is a huge work.  


Project work should be written in Short-cycle Vocational programme (FOSZK), while a dissertation should be written in Bachelor’s and master’s programs. 


The first step is to choose a topic. 

The publication of the topics of the dissertations is coordinated by the programme director of the dissertation. Suggestions can be both framework topics and specific topic designations. The programme director approves the accepted (framework) topics for the given semester and asks the heads of the educational units to appoint the instructors responsible for the topic. 

You can find the deadline for announcing the dissertation topics and the application period for the topics in the Calendar of the Faculty, and a notification on the deadline will also be sent to you via Neptun.  

If you follow the sample curriculum, you are required to apply for a thesis topic in Neptun in the penultimate semester, or, otherwise than in the sample curriculum, this should be done in the semester prior to the planned completion of your studies. 


Acceptance of the application is the responsibility of the programme director. The student can also apply to a particular instructor by making his / her own topic proposal as well as a proposal for an external supervisor. If necessary, the programme director and the instructor discuss the acceptability of the student's topic proposal. 


Preparation of a thesis: 

The dissertation can be prepared with the help of one or two supervisors. They are appointed and invited by the head of the educational unit announcing the topic. 

This thesis will have to be defended before a Committee as part of the Final Exam. 

The content and formal requirements of the dissertation, the procedural rules, and the general aspects of the evaluation will be published by the programme director no later than the date of the publication of the topics.  

FCHT - Activities concerning dissertation, project work and final exam

FIMB - Activities concering dissertation, project work and final exam

FFA - Activities concering dissertation, project work and final exam

A notification on the deadline of choosing the topic and your tasks will be sent to you via Neptun. You can also see the deadlines in the deadline table published on the website. 

While writing your thesis, you need to constantly consult with your instructors in order to be able to submit your dissertation in the end. The dissertation can only be submitted upon the approval of the programme director.  

The thesis must be prepared and submitted by the deadline given before the final exam, to which we also draw your attention in a Neptun message. You can also see the deadlines in the deadline table published on the website. 

The dissertation must be uploaded to Moodle2, in accordance with the given instructions.  

This system also performs plagiarism control. 

The declaration of originality is part of the dissertation, the essence of which is that the dissertation is a composition of its own. 

If the dissertation was created in cooperation with a company, it is also possible to encrypt it on the appropriate form. 

You must also submit a printed copy of the dissertation. 

The submitted dissertation is marked by one reviewer in case of project work and by two in case of dissertation. 

The programme director of the dissertation will send the evaluation of the dissertation to the student at least 5 days before the final exam. The review can also be sent via TR. 


You can only start the final exam if both reviewers give at least a sufficient (2) grade for your work. 

If your dissertation is not accepted by one of the reviewers (i.e. it is considered insufficient), the dissertation must be issued to a third reviewer. If the dissertation has not been accepted by any of the reviewers, or if the requested third reviewer has also declared it insufficient, you will not be able to take the final exam. 

In this case, your dissertation must be awarded to a third reviewer, even if there is a difference of more than two marks in the evaluation of the reviews. 

The Student Services Offices (HSZO) provides the notifications on the insufficient grade at least 5 working days before the start of the final examination. 


In this case, you will need to write a new dissertation, which you can only defend in the next final exam period. 

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