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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Student events
Freshman Camp

Every year, the BBS organizes one of the most memorable events of a student’s university years, the Freshman Camps. The main goal of the Freshman Camps is to make new friends and get as much information about university life as possible before you start your university studies. This event, usually held at the end of the summer, is the best opportunity to understand what it feels like to have “BBS” exclaimed out loud from hundreds of throats at once, and what the feeling is to belong to the BBS community. At the end of the camp, you will not only be enriched with memories of a lifetime, but you will also be able to make new friends and meet senior mentors. 

BBS Freshman Camps are waiting for you! 

You can find detailed information about the camps on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Faculty Student Union. 


Freshman Ball

The Freshman Ball is one of the most exclusive events of the year, which is usually held in late November or early December. Before the ball, the coolest girls and guys will compete for the title of Queen and King of the Freshman Ball, which will be a huge honour in addition to the obtaining of valuable gifts. At the ball, students become citizens of the University after the presentation of freshman dances, the crowning of the king and queen, and the swearing of the freshman oath. After all of this, the party can start with the performance of some invited star performers. 

You can find detailed information about Freshman Balls on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Faculty and University Student Union. 


Mid-year events

During the year, we also organize events that create a colourful student life with various activities. From a variety of quizzes and competitions, to team building programs, the palette is very broad. We hope that everyone will find from an activity option that best suits their interests! 

It is important that we not only experience our university years, but that we live them! 

You can find detailed information about the various mid-year events on the website of the Faculty and University Student Union! 


Open days 

For those interested, the BBS organizes an open day twice a year, usually in December and February. In addition to the central briefings, the faculties also organize their own faculty open days. In such cases, a whole army of high school students and those interested in master’s degrees, usually occupy the huge university lecture halls and listen to briefings on the most important aspects of university life. The open days provide a great opportunity to get first-hand information about the university, meet current BBS students, feel the atmosphere of the institution, and decide if you too want to become a member of the BBS family.