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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Semester assignments

We have collected the tasks and most important things you need to pay attention to in each semester, along with documents you need to complete in order to start your semester smoothly. 

The most important information about logging in. 

During your studies, you only need to enrol once, following admission. For additional semesters, you can register for the semester as active or passive, depending on whether you want to continue with your studies or pause them temporarily. 

At the beginning of your studies, following admission, first you need to complete an enrolment application and then enrol in person. You can find a detailed description of this under the menu item recorded. 

You only have to enrol once in your studies. After enrolment, activate or passivate your semester, (depending on how you have decided in advance to continue your studies.) 

We will help you with a to-do list that includes a semester to-do list, which will help you to succees with your administrative tasks. 

Registration of a semester for an active semester: 

You can register for the semester in the registration period. A notification will be sent to you about this. It will also be published in the Calendar for the academic year and you can also see it in the Terms menu by entering Neptun. 

  • The condition for registration for the active semester is that you have at least one taken course. (this you can do at the time of the preliminary admission). Course enrolment 
  • In addition to the condition of registration, 45% of the fee of the foreign language contribution must be paid by the last working day of the week preceding the registration week! 
  • The same condition applies to the course admission - if you have not already done so. 
  • If you settle the fee for your published cost or foreign language contribution from a student loan, DO NOT forget to enter your contract number in Neptun in case of DH2 and assign it to the item. As a reminder you can read here about Student loan

You can find out more about payment options in the Payment of Training Fees menu. 

Please check if you have any other active items other than this item that are due for payment, as this may also prevent you from starting your successful semester! 

If you skip any step, you will not be able to register for your semester successfully. 


Registration for passive semester 

  • You can only register for a passive semester if you drop your taken courses for that semester, if any. 
  • If your previous two semesters have been passive, Neptun will not allow you to re-register. IN this case you can send your request for another passive semester by submitting an application for Passivation for extraordinary reasons, pursuant to HKR: Section 50 (2), which will be judged by the Study Committee of your Faculty. 
  • If you have an assigned foreign language contribution fee, then please DO NOT pay it, because it will be cancelled centrally! 



Subsequent registration 

If you have taken courses for the semester but have not registered, you will be automatically put for a passive semester. The Directorate of Educational Services will send a notification on this via Neptun.  

In this case, in addition to paying a default fee, you can request your registration for an active semester with a subsequent registration request by submitting a request for an active semester in the Administration / Applications menu item in Neptun. 

Conditions for submitting the application: 

  • To have at least one taken course, 
  • the first instalment of your course fee is paid,  
  • In case you have a Student loan,  your contract number is registered, 
  • the first instalment of the fee of the foreign language contribution is paid  

If  any of the above is missing, you cannot submit the application! 

IT IS IMPORTANT that you pay the default fee (application fee) of HUF 3,500 announced by Neptun, because otherwise you cannot submit the application. After closing the application, even if you settle the item, you can NOT submit the application! 

Cancelling of the activation 

In the event of a change in your living conditions, at the beginning of each semester you have the opportunity to cancel your active registration for the semester within 30 days of registration. You can do this by submitting a request for Subsequent Passivation (withdrawal of active status) in the Administration / Requests menu in Neptun. 

If, after enrolment or registration, you miss to submit the request by this deadline, the semester will be considered as an active semester. 

Your living conditions may change during the semester too,  which may be a birth, accident, illness, or other unforeseen reason beyond your control. If any of these happens to you, you have the opportunity to passivate your semester in Neptun. To do this, the Passivation Request for an extraordinary reason must be submitted, In any cases, a document proving the unexpected reason must be attached to the application. 

Submission of applications 

At the beginning of the semester, you can submit several applications on  

  • your student status (active, passive),  
  • post-administration,  
  • Financial issues,  
  • credit transfer,  
  • recognition,  
  • academic advancement,  

On how to submit them, and by what deadlines please refer to Application or Neptun entry page under Latest News. 

Exam application 

You can apply for exams 3 weeks before the start of the exam period, you will find the exact start date in the Calendar for the academic year. 

When applying for an exam, you may have the following issues, which you should review prior to  applying so that you can apply on time for the exams:  

  • If you refuse the Signature, you cannot take an exam on that course, 
  • If you have an active financial item (non-paid) you are not allowed to make any further student activities, 
  • the condition for applying for an exam of a course is to obtain the Signature of your Instructor. The conditions can be obtained from the instructor of the course, and can also be found in the course description, 
  • you already have 2 insufficient entries for the given course (you could have already obtained them in the previous semesters). In this case, you have to issue a repeated exam fee under the name of the Course Name and pay it in order to re-register for the exam.  
  • If you have 3 marks for the given course in the given semester, Neptun will not allow you t apply for further exam opportunities. 
  • If you want to improve a successful mark, you must submit a request in Neptun Application 


Specialisation choice 

When you applied for University admission, you could read about what specialisations are included in your training programme. You can choose from these upon fulfilling the conditions specified in the sample curriculum.  Specialisation choice 


In the interval specified in the Calendar for the academic year, you have the opportunity to take your courses for the next semester, under the conditions already described in Course enrolment